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  • -Hey! - Hi sweetie! - Hey Tris!

  • Oh I got to see this.

  • -You two have a good time -Have fun have fun.

  • Dude, I'm sorry we're late man.

  • It happens man.

  • She talked about how we're suppose to be in the car in 6:45, I'm like alright!

  • Oh uh!

  • Tell me my dumb ass ain't sit in the car waiting until 7:15!

  • Okay when I track my wife down 20 minutes later, she's stepping out the damn shower talking about: can I help you?

  • See that's crazy right there?

  • Craig, I look at this woman and I said,

  • Bitch!

  • You told me 6:45!

  • You said that?

  • Yeah I said,

  • Bitch, do not late again!

  • You said "bitch" though?

  • hmm...

  • You said "bitch".

  • Yeah!

  • Don't play games, man, just tell me what you wanna tell me!

  • Exactly, it's like, say what you mean, mean what you say!

  • Is that so hard?

  • It's like last week, man, we going out to dinner, right?

  • -I'm like, where do you want to go? she's like, you decide. - Oh uh

  • I'm like, alright, Outback Steakhouse. She's like nah~

  • I'm like, straight up Chili's? She's like nah~~

  • -Darrell, I named seven more restaurants! - No Craig!

  • -I finally said, Taylors, the place I know she wants to go out the first place. -Right! Right!

  • -She look at me and she said, if that's where you want to go.

  • No she didn't!

  • And that's where I wanna go. Darrell, I looked my woman in the eye, sockets, and I told her straight out...

  • I just said it man. I said it, I said...

  • Bitch!

  • Hey guys!

  • How you doing, and you, you have a good time?

  • -You've seen the bedroom baby. -Did you see the washing machine?

  • The washing machine is huge, you can hold a bunch of clothes in that washing machine.

  • Baby, I'm gonna take Rebecca to the kitchen and show her the dishwasher.

  • -Darrell! - Yeah baby? - I want a kitchen island just like the one upstairs.

  • -You will get it, too! - I love you. - Iove you!

  • -I said bitch~~~

  • If you wanted to go to Taylor's just tell the brother you want to go to Taylor's!

  • -Right! You said that? -Oh hell yeah, yeah man I let it out, right!

  • I said I said....

  • Biiiiiiiiitch! I'm the man of the house!

  • You said "bitch" though?

  • You called your wife a bitch!

  • Craig? Darrell? Where are those guys?

  • So she's like, why don't you rent a movie we both like?

  • No she didn't!

  • Oh God she spent 25 minutes in the God damn BlockBuster.

  • Craig, I looked this woman in her optic stems, and I said...

  • I said...

  • I said BIIIIIITCH!

  • You said that?

  • But you said "bitch" though?

  • Yep!

  • Hey honey, um, Craig's giving me a neighborhood tour.

  • So then she's like, I didn't know we'd be doing so much walking,

  • No oh!

  • I'm like, I didn't tell you to wear those shoes.

  • She said, don't raise your voice at me.

  • What!

  • Darrell!

  • I looked this woman dead in the windows of her soul.

  • I said.

  • I said Bitch~~

-Hey! - Hi sweetie! - Hey Tris!

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Key & Peele - I Said Bitch

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