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  • *Singing* Happy Birthday to you

  • [cough]

  • (man): The country’s just not safe anymore, weve got to leave!

  • Into the deep dark...

  • No I’m not hungry.

  • (man): The fighting is getting closer.

  • (woman): Is that the hospital?

  • (News presenter): Camps have been raided...

  • Merry Christmas!

  • Get on your knees! [Other shouting]

  • GET OFF!

  • (Man): Get out of here!

  • How are we supposed to get from there, to there?

  • [planes fly overhead]

  • (Mother): Just take the things that you need.

  • See you there.

  • [explosions]

  • (radio): City under siege

  • (man): CHECKPOINT!

  • [gun fire]

  • (woman): I can’t stop the bleeding!

  • (man): weve only got enough for one.

  • (mother): Oh my God. No!

  • I will find you.

  • [planes fly overhead]

  • (mother): You ring me when you get there.

  • I’m NOT getting on the boat without you!

  • [baby cries]

  • [thunder and howling wind]

  • His parents drowned

  • Just turn onMumPlease

  • Come on, weve got to keep going.

  • (man): British scum

  • Quickly! Come on.

  • I want my Mummy and Daddy.


  • I'm not hungry

  • (woman’s voice): Are you related?

  • No... I mean-

  • We found a family for Alfie.

  • He’s all I’ve got left ...

  • 16th of May 2003

  • That’s today. Happy Birthday! Hope you made a wish.

  • And what are your parent’s names?

  • Lily, I know this is hard. Can you tell me your parent’s names?

  • Lily?

*Singing* Happy Birthday to you

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