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  • It’s amazing isn’t it, how quickly human beings can come into a room

  • and then completely ruin it

  • and wreck it and make it look like it’s been lived in by a family of ten for four years.

  • Weve been here like four hours and already it’s just ridiculous.

  • But where are we and what are we doing and why is there an Australian girl over there?

  • What is she doing?

  • Good day mate!

  • That’s what they say isn’t it - Australians. Playing up to stereotypes there.

  • So this year an awesome new travel website called Odigo is generously sending myself

  • and several other vloggers in Japan around the country making videos,

  • with the aim of promoting the country and trying to promote people - such as you

  • to come and see it for yourself to come and experience Japan.

  • So for the next few weeks in March, I’ll be travelling around the northern prefectures

  • of Miyagi, Yamagata, Niigata and Fukushima, as well as mystical Sado Island in the sea of Japan

  • And I’ll be joined by fellow vloggers Kim Dao - who’s over there

  • and Chris Okano who’s downstairs somewhere in his Yoshi costume, scaring the locals.

  • He genuinely is, isn’t he? I’m not making this up, look here’s a picture.

  • Weve been going for three days and I’ve already posted tons of photos to Instagram and twitter

  • so if youre not already following on there, please do go and check them out.

  • There’s lots of cool stuff to see.

  • There’s also a brand weYouTube channel for Odigo where Chris has been posting a daily vlog of our trip.

  • And it’s a trip that’s already seen us receive free incredible cd’s

  • from a guy dressed as an idol girl outside Sendai station.

  • Youve been in Sendai one hour and youve already got a free cd.

  • Oh my god.

  • You wouldn’t get that in Tokyo. A free CD

  • A Fox go to the toilet on Kim’s leg.

  • It peed on me.

  • Right there?

  • Right there.

  • And Chris and Kim do arguably the world’s worst British-English accent impersonations just that I’ve ever heard.

  • Because I love you British folks. You guys eat crackers and hams and chicken.

  • Chicken.

  • No King - you have a Prince though. Prince Henry. Prince Henry!

  • Harry

  • But our journey is taking us across mountain ranges, forest, city streets and even the sea of Japan.

  • So if you follow us on Instagram and on the Odigo’s Youtube channel, itll be like youre there with us,

  • going along on the journey.

  • And as for my videos, theyll be posted here on Abroad in Japan in the coming weeks.

  • But I’m really excited to be working with Odigo, because it is a really good travel website.

  • Probably the best travel website I’ve seen, for anyone planning a trip inside Japan.

  • The whole website is based around using a giant interactive map of Japan

  • enabling you to plan your trip and discover new places to visit along the way.

  • And perhaps best of all you can actually share your trip with other people,

  • so they can see see where you went, what you did and what route you took.

  • So for example, I’ve publicly shared a trip I did last year around Hiroshima and the ridiculous Rabbit Island.

  • So if youre interested in doing that route, you can look at the example in the box below and see where I went and what I did.

  • But the website is very simple, all you have to do is type in the place you want to visit, or a city.

  • And then key locations will pop up and you can click on them and add them to your itinerary.

  • So it’s really quick and convenient.

  • And it just makes the whole experience of planning a trip quite easy and fun.

  • I do highly recommend checking it out to anybody who plans to travel around Japan - it’s completely free to use.

  • And it’s a really enjoyable dynamic way of discovering places to visit,

  • planning your route and documenting your journey along the way for other people to see.

  • So be sure to follow us along over the next few weeks .

  • -Are you excited Kim? -Yeah I’m excited.

  • There you go. She is very excited.

  • Awesome.

  • Well see you there. Thanks a lot guys and be sure to follow us all along.

  • Also I don’t know if I’ve hidden well, but I’m really really tired.

  • I don’t know where this energy has come from. Weird.

  • It also helps that Chris is not in the room. He would have been just a terrible, disturbing presence.

  • I hope he doesn’t watch these video.

  • Oh god he is, isn't he?

  • He is gonna watch it.

  • He’s going to kill me.

It’s amazing isn’t it, how quickly human beings can come into a room

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