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  • I love hedgehogs! Theyre probably my third favorite animal after puffins and unicorns

  • So, imagine my delight when I heard that a brand new hedgehog cafe has opened right here in Tokyo

  • Surprisingly, even though Japan is the country that gave us Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Hedgehogs aren’t actually a native species to the country.

  • The cafe is called « Harry »

  • Because the Japanese word for Hedgehogs is Harinezumi

  • which literally means Needle Mouse

  • The cafe is becoming quite popular with locals

  • and animal lovers here in Tokyo

  • But anyways, less chatting, more hedgehogs!

  • Let's go and check it out!

  • Some hedgehogs don’t play by the rule look at that!

  • Just crawling up and sleeping on other hedgehogs

  • Should we try holding one?

  • Yeah! Let’s!

  • This is gonna be scary!

  • This is a very curious Hedgehog

  • There you go

  • Hellooo

  • How cute is that?

  • Oh don’t move! Oh, scoop it scoop it scoop it!

  • Now I’m stuck

  • I have to keep it like this

  • Scratching! Hedegehog started scratching

  • It’s scratching some needles, that must be a pretty painful thing

  • That couldve been interesting

  • Into your shirt

  • to salvation

  • Okay Charly youve got some hedgehog feed

  • Yes for 500 yen you can order some food for the hedgehogs and

  • it’s actually worms and theyre still alive

  • Really? Oh….

  • With this little thing here you can pick it up


  • He’s hungry apparently this one

  • I’m gonna give him a big worm actually

  • That looks like it hurts

  • The worm did escape by the way

  • The worm did escape?

  • Youre not very good at feeding hedgehogs Charly, this is one thing everybody should be good at

  • To think i came all the way from France just for that

  • You came all the way from France to feed hedgehogs

  • It's more difficult than you think

  • There!

  • Mission Accomplished

  • Well down youve fed the hedgehog

  • But there’s more….worms

  • Just your average everyday situation

  • Wow the worm is about to meet its demise

  • Wa! Hey, that didn’t last long did it

  • I like it, this is my favorite hedgehog so far weve had like 5 hedgehogs, most of them sleeping

  • we didn’t want to touch them let the hedgehog sleep

  • This guy he’s hungry, he wants his food

  • weve given him what, 5 worms now?

  • Weve given him 5 worms yeah

  • We've given him a lot of worms, this guy

  • How do you feel?

  • Just so happy and content, feeding a hedgehog is one of the best things I’ve done all week

  • So that was an hedgehog cafe!

  • Very surreal experience

  • I didn’t think I’d be feeding an hedgehog any time soon

  • That’s happened now, but if youre in Tokyo, its worth checking out

  • It’s about 2000 yen for the hour.

  • And yeah, if youre into hedegehogs, it’s the place to be, clearly!

  • Thanks a lot for watching guys, well see you next time when well probably be at a Unicorn Cafe!

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one.

  • Anything goes in Tokyo it seems.

  • Two hedgehogs trying to sleep..

  • hedgehog...

  • ...just ruining it for everyone

I love hedgehogs! Theyre probably my third favorite animal after puffins and unicorns

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Visiting a Hedgehog Cafe in Japan

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    Kana kawai posted on 2016/09/07
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