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  • Say hello to Zenbo.

  • This could be the world’s most affordable and lifelike robotic personal assistant.

  • Developed by Asus, Zenbo is about the size of a large vacuum cleaner with a LED display head.

  • Complete with a lifelike face."Claire, I have a reminder for you."

  • Zenbo is able to move independently and can even respond to voice commands.

  • If you want, you could even strike up a conversation with it.

  • The robotic PA has the usual functions including reminders, playing music and even making calls.

  • But the Taiwanese company sees Zenbo as much more of a companion.

  • Asus said it will be able to read stories to young children and even keep the elderly company.

  • Price tag for Zenbo will be a relatively affordable $599.

  • The only other comparable product on the market is from Japanit’s called the Pepper robot,

  • but it costs more than $1700.

  • While consumers have been enjoying the company of computer assistants like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s new Assistant,

  • whether they want one following them around is another question.

  • Phil Han, CNBC, London.

Say hello to Zenbo.

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New 'affordable' robotic assistant

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