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  • So thanks guys, so ugh, if you haven't guessed,

  • we are going to the Ambercrombie and Fitch store.

  • uhhhhh (laughter)

  • so ummm, if you don't know much about Ambercrombie, they do have a shirtless male model

  • who is right inside the front door.

  • (laughter)

  • he's there 365 days a week

  • they also have, you know, photos of shirtless guys

  • all over the entire store

  • they have a bronze statue of a shirtless man

  • in the basement

  • (laughter)

  • and they have four-story tall mural of

  • shirtless guys working on clothes

  • (laughter)

  • but

  • so

  • really what your doing is just shopping

  • your just walking around and shopping

  • so we'll see what happens.

  • ummm

  • you know its not

  • ugh

  • its not illegal to take your shirt off

  • in New York City

  • in public

  • it may be against store policy

  • if its not posted anywhere we'll find that out

  • (picture of group)

  • i wanted to buy a shirt

  • put a shirt on and then you can buy one

  • if not , you gotta go

  • you gotta go

  • two guys got kicked out while actually tying to buy

  • $45 shirts


  • music by DJ Jesus Lopez

  • one of them took their shirts off

  • and then all the guys in the

  • store just took their shirts off

  • and walking around

  • and then they've

  • they've just come out, you just missed them

  • they're all ganged in there

  • and everyone was taking photos

  • and i just stood there

  • so it was just only guys on the streets

  • one did it

  • and they all followed suit

  • are you serious were they good-looking

  • at least?

  • some of them were

  • some of them were

So thanks guys, so ugh, if you haven't guessed,

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No Shirts (111 Shirtless Men in Abercombie and Fitch)

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/05/18
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