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  • The other day I went to this restaurant,

  • and I ran into an old friend of mine in the bathroom.

  • (gasps) Oh my god, how are you?

  • Oh, you look so pretty!

  • I don't..feel pretty.

  • And it was like: What?

  • (chuckles nervously) Are you serious?

  • You're not joking? I mean...

  • Are you, are you looking at that?

  • And it just made me really think

  • about how constantly bombarded we are

  • with this desire to look good.

  • I mean, it's a message

  • perpetuated by TV--


  • Magazines...


  • Billboards...


  • Everywhere!

  • It's so hard to feel pretty when you look at that.

  • It is so hard to feel good enough

  • even though you are.

  • I think "pretty" is a mindset.

  • And I think that mindset

  • can be achieved by

  • putting in a little effort here and there,

  • and with a lot of self acceptance.

  • I'm not talking about going out

  • and dressing like a bedazzled gypsy.

  • (Unless you feel pretty

  • like a bedazzled gypsy, in which case, go ahead.)

  • But, by finding little accents here and there

  • that make you feel like yourself,

  • with the volume on full blast!

  • Like, I've only gotten my nails done 3 times in my life,

  • but every single time, the way I carry my arms

  • and my hands drastically changes.

  • Like, anytime I hold something, my pinky's up.

  • I do a lot more like, hands to my face~

  • And it just makes me feel like 1000 times more feminine.

  • But above all else, most importantly,

  • please, just let yourself feel pretty.

  • There's nothing wrong with loving your body

  • and loving the way you look.

  • Because feeling beautiful is having more confidence,

  • is taking more risks, is going out and being friendlier

  • and having a better life, because you'll have a different attitude

  • and a different perspective on the world.

  • And it starts with loving yourself first.

  • Well, there you go! Lesson of the week! Yeah!

  • Revelations! Okay. (laughs)

  • I'm actually really excited for this next week.

  • Um, cause I'm directing the first short I wrote tomorrow. Ahhhh!

  • I always do these kind of videos in my room by myself

  • in my house. You know, there's no one else...

  • but with the short, I have to assemble a crew

  • and then I have to cast, get props, rent locations,

  • it's just...whoa! And I also forgot how expensive that stuff is.

  • So I talked to Audible, who so kindly decided

  • to sponsor today's episode.

  • You can go to

  • for a free book of your choice.

  • They have over 150,000 titles to choose from.

  • And if you're like me and you live in L.A.,

  • I always listen to Podcasts or audiobooks in the car

  • instead of listening to the same radio songs

  • over and over and over again.

  • I've been listening to Joy Land, by Stephen King.

  • Cause I love Stephen King.

  • And everything he writes is, oh, so good.

  • And, uh, that is if you'd like to go there.

  • I'll see you next week. Stay awesome, Gotham.

  • Subtitles by Skylar Coland via Amara

The other day I went to this restaurant,

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How to feel pretty // Anna Akana

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