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  • I'm Scott Mills from BBC radio 1

  • and I'm Chris Stark

  • we're with Will Smith and Margot Robbie

  • and we are about to play a game that is

  • playground insults

  • they are sitting face to face

  • both staring each other out

  • please don't hold back guys

  • you know each other well

  • What's said in this room is just a game

  • it's a safe zone

  • neither of you should take the insults personally

  • you work together a few times

  • the insults will leave the room when you do

  • all you have to do is try to make the other laugh

  • so the sillier of the insults the better

  • I think today

  • Margot Robbie to start

  • your ears stick out so much

  • I could use them as an antennas

  • and connect to the Wifi

  • in my Mom's house back in Australia

  • if I want to

  • talk about my mom

  • I can't do this in your Mom's home

  • my mom she's gonna watch this

  • this is the problem

  • - cause we know too much about each other -we know way too much

  • or you could use your "finding Dory pins" on your sweater

  • to contact your mom through underwater telepathic way

  • that's how we do it in Australia

  • this is so hard this is so hard

  • you just wanna say something about my mom

  • I know you do

  • we're talking about your mother so bad

  • it's a safe zone

  • until you mention my mom

  • you are so old so I had to googlethe fresh prince of Bel-Air

  • they didn't know what it was

  • I didn't even heard of it

  • I just can't do this oh my god

  • you were the worst-looking cast member in "I am legend"

  • It was me , zombie and dog

  • and I was the worst one

  • you were the worst looking

  • the only reason that you are saying that

  • cause you know I slept with your mother

  • She didn't even bother to call you back

  • she thought your nickname was " big Willy"

  • but turns out

  • she felt so misled by that nickname

  • I almost like your outfit today

  • as much as I like your outfit

  • in the "gettin jiggy wit it" video

  • the Egyptian part

  • you dress as a Pharaoh

  • for no apparent reason, in that video

  • you look like a less hot version of Obama

  • you like Obama but not as hot

  • I think he's got more scars

  • we should stop it here

  • but Margot was on an absolute rolls

  • that's keep going

  • you are a face of twenty-year-old

  • but the hearing of a ninety-year-old

  • Should I said that again a bit louder?

  • Did you got that Will ?

  • Margot Robbie is definitely the winner of playground insults today

  • that's how we do it

  • you just got me you know

  • you got me on my heels

  • I was ready for

  • yeah yeah not not sorry sorry

  • I'll get you your father

  • -Will's too nice -yeah he's too nice

  • he doesn't know how to be mean

  • I just had my next one for you too

  • I'm so annoying

I'm Scott Mills from BBC radio 1

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Will Smith & Margot Robbie Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

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