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  • Hey Everybody Snowman here with you

  • Thanks for stopping by Discover Mammoth Today.

  • I am out here on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain and it's absolutely dumping out there at this

  • time.

  • We picked up 7-10 inches yesterday and 2-3 inches so are today and I am expecting another

  • 8-10 inches over the next 36 hours.

  • A couple more impulses moving into the area ... Let's pull up your ha .... a little bit

  • winded sorry guys

  • Lets pull up your satelight feed there and you can see some weak impulses

  • headed toward the sierra

  • The orographic lift is really squeezing out everything is possibly can for us.\

  • \ Let's take a look at that radar and radar

  • is looking a bit weak but as you can see but as you can see it is just dumping out here

  • on the hill.

  • QPF Charts here showing about .7 to . 8 , they have been under forecasting all year so maybe

  • we will see a foot up top by morning.

  • Today they did run chairs 3, 5, and 9 so those are all tracked out as of 11 am the top is

  • still sitting there untouched so who knows maybe we will get a window by tomorrow if

  • not Saturday will be the day.

  • So if your thinking about coming up to Mammoth now is the time cause winter is back. \

  • \ That is it from the snowman .... Snowman out....!

Hey Everybody Snowman here with you

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B1 INT mammoth snowman radar weak forecasting untouched

Mammoth Mountain Snow and Weather Report |

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    Ray Li posted on 2013/05/14
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