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  • Mmm, it's-a Orange Juice

  • Hey everyone this is yarn from Orange Juice

  • When first starting out the dragon can be a pain to counter

  • It's a mini tank that can splash and fly

  • You can counter dragon with dragon

  • But there are much better methods that'll put you at an advantage

  • It's important to realize that dragon splashes

  • You don't want to place archers and spear goblins beside the tower

  • It's better to wait until the dragon is targeting the tower

  • You want to place your goblins or musketeer one tile away from the tower to avoid the splash

  • For archers, they can tank at least 2 shots from the dragon

  • Completely preventing it from touching your tower

  • Lets take this a step further, you can do an advance archer pull.

  • If you plant the archers in the center, slightly in the other lane

  • And one second before the dragon is within the archer's aggro range

  • The second archer will wander off for a moment and then reengage at a safe distance

  • Completely shutting down that dragon, while only losing 1.5 elixir worth of troops

  • This requires perfect timing or the second archer will run away

  • If you're in a lower arena

  • One of the most devastating combos you'll encounter down there is the dragon prince combo

  • The dragon splashes away at all the troops you're trying to lay down to defend against the prince

  • After learning the lesson the hard way, most people will plant their troops behind the tower

  • But the dragon / prince still did over 1000 damage over that tower

  • The best way of dealing with this combo is with a pull

  • Since we know your archers can tank 2 hits from a dragon

  • You want to use them to pull the prince within range of both your towers

  • You can get creative with this and do a splitting chain pull for the cost of 3 elixir

  • With the good understanding of these techniques, you could apply them in any situation

  • Hog rider is my favourite unit to defend against the dragon

  • Turning your offensive move into defense by luring the dragon into a U-Turn

  • Since the dragon is a mini tank

  • Players tend to place it in the back to accumulate elixir for a strong push

  • If you have lightning or rocket it's a perfect excuse to damage their crown tower for 2 elixir

  • If you're a rocket user, I recommend watching our rocket video

  • Because it's flying unit, you can easily miss the rocket

  • You need to react as soon as you see the dragon deploy and launch it just below the tower

  • The trick is to aim for its shadow

  • Buildings are incredibly effective against the dragon. Telsa and infernos shred the dragon like it's a goblin

  • Tombstone works too, but only if the dragon is by itself

  • My absolute favourite building to counter a lone dragon is the mortor

  • Dealing 700 damage to their tower, while my crown tower chips away at their dragon

  • Witches are also great against the dragon since her skeleton distracts the dragon

  • She's great for a strong counter push

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Mmm, it's-a Orange Juice

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Clash Royale | How to Counter Baby Dragon

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