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  • [keyboard clacks]

  • I don't know what I was expecting.

  • [grooving music]

  • Package for Mike!

  • Uh, Mike R.?

  • Who's gonna remember all those numbers?

  • A latte for Alex!

  • Hi, this is Sarah.

  • Uh...Yeah, this is definitely Sarah.

  • Uh...Sarah with an H.

  • Okay, yeah, maybe next time just put full names into your phone, okay?

  • New guy in town, what's up, dude?

  • Hey, I'm Mike.

  • We already got a Mike, we can't call you Mike.

  • Oh.

  • Ike!

  • How about...

  • We already have a Mike, so we'd call you Ike!

  • Mike and Ike, like the candies, like the red and...

  • - You've eaten the candies? - Yeah, I.. I understand.

  • - Alright, man, I'll see you around. - Cool, see you around.

  • So, I will say, I did Google you last night.

  • - Oh, really? - Yeah.

  • Oh, did you find any dirt?

  • By Googling Alex White, no, just a lot of athletes and porn stars, mostly.

  • Yeah, it's pretty standard.

  • You could have a less generic name.

  • So, anyway, that sounds great.

  • Why don't you find me on Facebook?

  • Yeah, yeah, for sure.

  • Okay, great!

  • I'm not adding her.

  • Wait, why?

  • You know how many Sarah Millers are on Facebook?

  • Oh...

  • I'll never find her.

  • It was good porn.

  • That's good.

[keyboard clacks]

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