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  • When I was a teenager I used to read a lot of science fiction, and if I’d read then that

  • there would be a bus that ran on gas and produced nothing but water, I’m not sure

  • if I would have believed it in my own lifetime and yet here it is. Erm and it says

  • a lot about London, and the forward looking of London and the fact that were

  • willing to embrace future ideas and put them in to practical operation that weve

  • got this bus.

  • This is one of the erm, the new zero emission hydrogen and fuel cell buses

  • that well be introducing. It’s unique because the only, the only emissions from

  • it are water vapour err and it will be, it is one of the cleanest buses in the world.

  • This is really the future of transportation. Your dealing with hydrogen err which can

  • be produced from renewable sources. Your, your zero emissions, your highly

  • efficient. Youve got everything err from where transportation really should be and

  • will be going here in the, in the future.

  • TfL runs the, the largest bus fleet in Europe. We have eight and a half

  • thousand buses and over the last err ten years or so weve been doing a lot of

  • initiatives to make sure that the diesel fleet is as clean as it possibly can be. But

  • I think it’s also important as the operator of a big bus network that we also look to

  • future technology.

  • This bus has no engine, it actually has a fuel cell err which combines hydrogen

  • and oxygen to make water and electricity, and it also has an energy storage system

  • so that can be stored and used when its needed most, when your accelerating or

  • when your going up hill.

  • The concept takes in compressed hydrogen stored on the roof and

  • hydrogen cylinders and takes in compressed air, err is injected into fuel

  • cell module which is stored in the back of the bus and the out put is electricity and

  • water err pure d I Water, it’s the only emissions. The electricity is used really

  • for err the drive motors which directly couple through the drive shaft and propel

  • the bus forward.

  • Londoners travelling around seeing this bus will see a very clean bus, a quiet bus

  • that only emits water vapour or water from this exhaust. The water is clean

  • enough to drink, its pure water just like this.

  • This is a purpose built hydrogen refuelling facility for TfL‘s hydrogen

  • buses. Erm, it has a number of safety interlocks and features on it to allow for

  • safer fuelling of err of not the only buses but also any other hydrogen vehicles that

  • TfL wish to bring to the facility.

  • What passengers will notice when theyre on the bus is that theyre a lot smoother

  • than conventional diesel bus, and theyre also a lot quieter than the conventional

  • diesel bus so there are some additional benefits apart from being very very much

  • environmental friendly, theyre also smoother and quieter for the, the

  • travelling public.

  • I think the acceleration and breaking err technique on the bus are gonna benefit

  • passengers erm with regards to the smoothness.

  • I think this is a great bus and very quiet and very comfortable to drive I think the

  • public is gonna love it.

  • Theyll be running throughout the day backwards and forwards very very high

  • profile routes, so absolutely not only will Londoners see them but a huge number

  • of tourists will see them and will see that London is leading the way on hydrogen in

  • Europe.

  • Were working with several other European cities who also are deploying

  • hydrogen buses in their fleet to share our experiences to make sure we get the best

  • learning’s for everyone.

  • Its a great place to, for this technology to, these buses are, are fuel cell hybrid

  • vehicles, so err when your dealing with a very much stop and go type of err transit

  • which is very much prevalent in London err these buses are gonna be err highly

  • efficient.

  • London should be proud that it’s actually err using some of the most err advanced

  • technology in its bus fleet and and is prepared to trial this technology and bring

  • it to the streets of London.

  • Its absolutely vital also that London leads the way with this kind of technology, you

  • know we have a huge err err centre of excellence here for science and

  • development and we want to showcase some of these technologies so the rest of

  • the world can come and see them and invest here for the hydrogen future.

When I was a teenager I used to read a lot of science fiction, and if I’d read then that

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Hydrogen Bus launched on route RV1

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