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  • Start a new life Someplace Else! Mars is already overcrowded.

  • I'm not in denial. 
If you don't want to make babies with her then why are we out

  • before dawn to pick up some fancy gourmet breakfast?
 Beth gets up at sunrise and I'm

  • surprising her with breakfast in bed. Today's the ten year anniversary of the first time

  • she jinxed me. 
Mexican sweet bread! JINX! Ha ha ha!

  • By Mars rules, the person who gets jinxed can't speak until he gets the winner whatever

  • she wants, and Beth wanted... One bowl of Moon Frosted Double Dolphin Smax, please.

  • Coming right up cutie! What makes you think she's even gonna remember

  • this Jinx-iversary? She'll remember.

  • We're gonna make it special! A few Pink Hover Drops-- Hover Drops.

  • some gluten-free Space Mallows-- Space Mallows.

  • a dash of Rainbow Spit-- Rainbow Spit. Hahaha, It's gonna be perfect!
See this

  • is why you need me, man. Buying gifts for Beth is too... sweet.

  • It probably hurts your chances of ever making five babies with her.

  • Our bond goes way beyond all that stereotypical male/female jive. It's a spiritual thing!

  • She could be a -- walrus and I would feel exactly the same way.
I present this to

  • you in honor of a love that has no need for physical expression.
[guttural walrus grunting]

  • Be honest with yourself, Chris. Go to Beth and look deep into her heart, and tell me you

  • don't just wanna be smoochin all over that fresh little chuck wagon, breathin in that

  • cinnamon girl air, all makin like sixty babies. And don't forget the Seahorse Dreams! It

  • HAS to have Seahorse Dreams. 
OOooh, look at the size of your brood pouch! 

  • I don't make Dolphin Smax that way anymore. But Seahorse Dreams are Beth's favorite!

  • You have to! 
You don't like my cooking! What? Your cooking? No that's--

  • not good enough! I'm worthless! Daddy was riiight! 
No Cereal Master! Your daddy

  • wasn't right. Aah! [sizzling] Woah!

  • This'll solve everything! 
Please stop! 
I'm worthlesss!

  • You've got it all wrong! I love your cooking! You do? Yes! Thanks, okay. I think I can bring myself to go on.

  • Right... right on. 
Yeah. I'm back in the flow!

  • Screw you daddy! I'm the best Cereal Master!
It's not the same without seahorse dreams, man! 

  • She'll sizzle off her own face!

  • And now, for my final ingredient! Tap water, straight from the municipal lagoon!

  • [music]


You totally Emotion Lorded those Seahorse Dreams! What? No, I was just thinking aboutBeth, and... 
It's ruined! I'm a failure!

  • My daddy was riiight!

  • Aah! No! Bark! Run! You can't have that it's garbage it's worthless!

  • Run fools, run for your lives!

  • This is why you need me, man!

  • Raaaahhhh!

  • You're gonna show that cereal to my daddy aren't you!? I'll destroy it before you show my daddy!

  • It's gotta be just the way Beth likes it! Wallow! Wallow Come in! Mmm -- uhhh wha?

  • I need a Quantum Doorgate back to the Hideout! Mmmmm... 
Wallow, wake up! Lock onto me!

  • Aw you know I sleep ten solid, ugggh... My work is garbage!!

  • It's God! REVERE HIM! 
Somebody get God a Mojito!

I'm a faiiiiiilure!! 
No lady you can't let him hurt your self esteem like that! 
You have a point my daddy shouldn't have that kind of power over me! 

  • Wallow, you sent me to the wrong planet!

  • Mmmmph. You're carrying around a lot of unresolved

  • feelings! 
I seek constant validation to make up for the love my daddy withholds! 

  • [Moaning and suffering sounds]
It's the Devil! KILL HIM! 
Take away his Mojito!

  • You know what I think I'm gonna head home and confront daddy about these issues!

  • Be strong girl let me know how it goes! 
Thanks Chris you're a peach! 
Wait I got it,

  • I got it, uh-- 
I'm coming, Beth!

  • [gentle music] 
Chris? What--? 
Good morning. 

  • Dolphin Smax? With Seahorse Dreams?! [small gasp] Our Jinx-iversary! 
I knew you'd remember. 

  • Chris... I... 
I... just want to tell you-- 
Ha! Haahah! Hee

  • hee hee... I- [sigh]

  • Hangover!

  • Give us the biz in the comments.

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Cereal Master (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 9 Season 1 on Cartoon Hangover)

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    Chuya Cheng posted on 2013/05/07
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