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  • Hi there, this is Julian, from, and let me ask you a question. Are you learning

  • English every day? Recently, a new member joined the Doing English Plus Group, and she

  • mentioned in the community that she was feeling frustrated with her English progress. Another

  • member replied to her post, basically, talking about the importance of routine. "Sort out

  • your English learning routine," she said, "and results will surely follow."

  • I one hundred percent agree. Nothing could be truer. When you sort out a routine, and

  • do it consistently, amazing things happen. I'm always talking about the importance of

  • just putting in the time and the effort if you want to get really good at English. But really,

  • if you get your routine sorted out, it doesn't even need to be that much time. There's a

  • really great story that you might have heard of before about two teams of explorers racing

  • to reach the South Pole. This was in 1911, and there was a team of Norwegians led by

  • a guy called Roald Amundsen and a team of Brits, led by Robert Falcon Scott.

  • They had to walk about a thousand-four hundred miles to get to their destination. Scott's

  • team decided that they would walk as far as possible on good weather days. On days where

  • the weather conditions were bad, they would rest and conserve their energy. Amundsen's

  • team, on the other hand, decided that they would stick to a very strict routine of just

  • twenty miles a day, regardless of weather conditions. On good weather days, they could

  • probably walk a lot further, but they decided that they would just walk twenty miles a day,

  • and then save their energy.

  • Amundsen's team made it to the south pole and back on schedule. Scott's team, on the

  • other hand, died on route. This story really highlights the importance of doing something

  • consistently, just a bit at a time. If you just put twenty minutes into your English

  • a day, you will get much, much better results than you will if you put in a few hours just

  • once week. Routine, consistency, is the key.

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  • That is it from me today. In the next video, what have I got coming up in the next video?

  • I'm going to French toast method, and this is really going to help you to learn English

  • every day. Okay, that's it from me today, goodbye.

Hi there, this is Julian, from, and let me ask you a question. Are you learning

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