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  • The absolute worst thing that can happen as I'm wearing a skirt is me

  • flashing someone and my underwear and my penis not being as in line as they should be

  • I can't remember but honestly I probably did wear a skirt when I was younger

  • and it seems that sometimes pants are a little bit restricting

  • I'm kind of excited to get in there and get breezy

  • I don't really think that I have a very sexy lower body so opening myself up

  • like this

  • is going to be quite interesting. My personal goal is to become more

  • confident with my body

  • I'm not sure about this color .This is very short. I don't think this is what we discussed

  • I love blues. I love whites. Perfect!

  • I don't think anyone really told me how hard it would be to hide my penis

  • these things are not very functional

  • I have to figure out other ways to carry things around without pockets

  • Why do you think I won't be able to handle it? Because you always sit like this

  • and you can't do that in a skirt. Look at him, look at him, look at him

  • improper form right there

  • I personally feel like I look good in this outfit but I still feel

  • self-conscious wearing it

  • I think the hardest part about this is i'm not sure if I'm matching. I don't know

  • if this shirt goes with the skirt

  • It took me a while to be like, "Oh, does he have a skirt on his body right now? It fits your look, you look good."

  • Okay I just got home from work and there was this family walking by and so I ran

  • back into my car and I mean it's totally weird because just earlier today I was

  • outside walking around in public wearing this skirt with friends and I was

  • totally fine because I had them and it kind of is

  • stupid that I can't do this by myself

  • I'm not gonna lie. The walks down the street are getting a little hard

  • I feel like I'm being stared at I mean I know I'm wearing a skirt and that's why

  • they're looking but I I guess I kind of underestimated how much it will kind of

  • affect me

  • that's interesting that that immediately if you're wearing something that isn't

  • considered your gender's norm that people get kind of weird about it

  • after the car incident my good friend Shane gave me a little pep talk

  • nobody cares that you're wearing a skirt except for you. Life lessons. So it's been

  • about a week now and to be honest um probably gonna miss wearing a skirt

  • it's just been a super great experience i really loved it

  • I was stopped on several occasions and told, "Dude I can see your penis"

  • so I don't get at that part .Getting used to no pockets with the things i ended up

  • having to carry bag around with me

  • it took a little getting used to but I had a lot of fun with getting

  • into my office

  • looking good .I am more in tune with my body and I like I'm more confident and I

  • don't really care as much about what people think

  • nah I probably won't wear a skirt again. It's 'cause I couldn't cross my legs. That's the

  • only reason why. If I cross my legs

  • I would do it but I cannot. I think guys can rock skirts. I think anybody can

  • rock it

  • anything and who's to tell you that you're not. If you're confident in what

  • you're wearing and you feel comfortable in it then you are rocking it

The absolute worst thing that can happen as I'm wearing a skirt is me

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Men Wear Skirts For A Week

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