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  • Patriotism. There’s a word thrown around a lot.

  • It inspires passionate debate and is worn like a badge of honor.

  • And with good reason. Because it means love and devotion for one’s country.

  • Love.

  • For a word designed to unite, it can also be pretty divisive.

  • You see, there’s more to patriotism than flag sequined onesies, and rodeos, and quadruple cheeseburgers.

  • Patriotism is love for a country,

  • not just pride in it.

  • But what really makes up this country of ours? What is it we love?

  • It’s more than a huge rock full of animals like cougars and eagles, right?

  • It’s the people.

  • Do me a favor and close your eyes for a second.

  • I want to try something out.

  • Picture the average U.S. citizen.

  • Think about it. How old are they? What’s their hair like?

  • How much can they bench? Got one? Ok.

  • So, the chances are the person youre picturing right now

  • looks a little different to the real average American.

  • There are 319 million U.S. citizens. 51% are female. So, first off, the average

  • American is a woman. Cool huh. Is that what you pictured?

  • 54 million are Latino. 40 million are senior citizens.

  • 27 million are disabled. 18 million are Asian.

  • That’s more people in the U.S. than play football and baseball combined.

  • 9 million are lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender. More than the entire amount of people that

  • live in the state of Virginia. Around 10 million are redheaded.

  • 5.1 million play Ultimate Frisbee. And 3 and a half million are Muslim.

  • Triple the number of people currently serving in the United States military.

  • Almost half the country belongs to minority groups.

  • People who are lesbian. African American. And bi. And transgender. And Native American.

  • And proud of it! We know that labels don’t devalue us, they help define us: keeping us dialed in to our cultures, and our beliefs, and who we are. As Americans.

  • After all, what’s more American than the freedom to celebrate the things that make us us?

  • I mean, it’s stitched into the stars and stripes of this country,

  • from the Constitution to Gettysburg,

  • to our motto, “E Pluribus Unum”,

  • from many, one.

  • It’s even in our country’s namethe UNITED States.

  • This year patriotism shouldn’t just be about pride of country.

  • It should be about love. Love beyond age, disability, sexuality, race,

  • religion, and any other labels. Because the second any of us judge people

  • based on those labels, were not really being patriotic, are we?

  • So let’s try this one more time.

  • Close your eyes, picture that average Joe or Joan, or Juan, or Jean-Luc.

  • The real people who make America America.

  • And this year, whenever you feel the urge to don star spangled shorts, or set off fireworks the size of my biceps,

  • to show love for our country, remember that to love America is to love all Americans.

  • Because love has no labels.

Patriotism. There’s a word thrown around a lot.

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