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  • (clock ticking)

  • This is London

  • (bells ringing)

  • Remember when you visited a city

  • for the first time

  • and felt completely overwhelmed?

  • me too

  • I was living in London for the past six months

  • partly to study at university

  • and partly to live a dream

  • of becoming a better filmmaker

  • and musician

  • I remember when the time came around

  • to choosing my five university choices

  • I only picked two

  • They were both in and around London

  • Growing up I didn't visit the city often

  • even though it was only an hour away

  • but from what I saw when I did go

  • made me want a piece of it

  • whatever 'it' was

  • was it the nonstop hustle of the city

  • with thousands of big dreamer's feet hitting the pavement

  • or was it the diversity of the city

  • that allows you to feel accepted

  • well,

  • it certainly wasn't the latter

  • Your first few weeks in London equals

  • no friends

  • no bearings

  • no money

  • It can be pretty depressing

  • having to drag around a bag of mixed emotions

  • wherever you go

  • especially when you need one hand free

  • to check the tube map to find your way home

  • but that's London for you

  • it throws you in the deep end

  • and expects a lot from you

  • it slams you to the ground

  • and then expects you to come up stronger

  • it expects you to look at yourself and say

  • I will do this

  • London

  • the city of opportunity

  • if you let it be

  • It can fill you with fire

  • and will either burn your passion to the ground

  • or light it up for all to see

  • if you can keep your head above the water

  • then you might just be on your way

  • to living the dream

  • (music)

  • Hey!

  • thanks for watching

  • you can see me every Monday

  • on New Age Creators

  • every other Wednesday on SoulPancake

  • and whenever I make a video on OrinsEyes

  • I will see you all next time

(clock ticking)

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