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  • When the storm comes the twister forms and

  • the wind starts ripping things away. You'll ask yourself

  • how prepared or unprepared are you?

  • Do you have a shelter, a safe place to go

  • something to shield you that's easy to get to?

  • Is it stocked with all the things you need

  • water, food, and batteries?

  • What about your family?

  • Your kids?

  • Do they know what to do?

  • Where to go?

  • And how to stay in touch?

  • If a watch is declared a tornado might be on its way

  • getting ready to blow things away.

  • Stay informed, wait for updates, and

  • if you're outside or out for a ride, move close to somewhere

  • you'll stay safe.

  • When a watch becomes a warning you have to act fast.

  • Get to safety.

  • Do not delay.

  • Go as low as you can and hold on tight until

  • everything is all right.

  • Once the storm has passed and you get the all clear

  • take your supplies.

  • Now, you must be wise.

  • Move carefully.

  • Watch out for dangerous debris.

  • Protecting yourself is a necessity.

  • So before the storm comes, the twister forms, and the

  • wind starts ripping things away. Get prepared.

  • Make a plan and practice what to do to stay safe.

  • America's PrepareaAthon!

  • Be smart, take part, prepare.

  • Get started today.

  • Go to

When the storm comes the twister forms and

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When the Storm Comes

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    Mises posted on 2016/07/18
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