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  • We know that kids put up a fight against eating their food,

  • but how many times have we seen them putting up a fight against playing?

  • We solved this challenge by making parents' job more fun for everyone.

  • Introducing Yumit, a children's food plate that motivates kids to eat healthy through playful tactics.

  • You serve different foods on the same plate.

  • When kids eat, Yumit detects the amount of food consumed.

  • Then, that information is sent in real time to the Yumit game.

  • Like the child, the character will have more or less energy, depending on what he or she has consumed.

  • The healthier the kids eat, the more virtual energy their favorite character will have.

  • That way, when the child finishes eating, they can enjoy the games

  • and learn about the benefits of eating healthy.

  • But there's more! Yumit syncs the plate, game, and mobile app for parents.

  • And since it analyzes the type of food that the child consumes, it suggests the perfect diet for them.

  • Plus, parents can send messages to their children communicated through the game.

  • And one of the most important video game companies is going to include Yumit in their games in 2017.

  • Also, an association dedicated to autism will be adding Yumit to their treatment plans this year.

  • That's why the worldwide press has been covering Yumit--

  • a simple and smart innovation that will help the next generation enjoy the process of learning to be healthy eaters.

  • This is Yumit.

We know that kids put up a fight against eating their food,

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Yumit, The Childrens Interactive Food Plate

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    Chloe Tyan posted on 2016/07/01
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