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  • Hi, this is Han with CEMarking.Net

  • If you've visited our website, you've seen that we have some videos on products that we

  • found in the market that have CE marking and that

  • really do not require it,

  • and I think I've found another product. Let's have a look together.

  • So what we've got here is the Fatt Gecko Mini Camera Mount

  • I ordered this product over the internet and it arrived.

  • When a looking at it I noticed here on the back

  • it has the CE marking affixed to it

  • When looking at the installation instructions I was

  • searching for the information that says

  • which

  • directive

  • or directives the product complies with. I couldn't find it here.

  • uh...

  • But maybe you can help me to determine.

  • So what you see here is basically the core of this product.

  • it's the mount with

  • the suction cup.

  • And here you can mount the camera.

  • It's a quarter of third inch thread

  • and that's basically the product.

  • I'm trying to determine which directives apply, but

  • really there is um... I think you can agree with me that there are no

  • CE marking directives that apply to this. It's not a machine or electrical device or

  • medical device.

  • Actually, it is a product that does not come under any CE marking directive,

  • and for that reason

  • it is not allowed to affix the CE marking to this product.

  • So, I think we can say that we busted yet another manufacturer misusing the

  • CE marking

Hi, this is Han with CEMarking.Net

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Busted! Another False CE Marking

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