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  • I couldn't wait to grow a beard.

  • I felt like that was a true marker

  • of what it meant to be a man.

  • In part, probably 'cause my dad had a beard.

  • And aren't we all just trying to be our dads?

  • Growing up, you always like question your masculinity.

  • I've definitely questioned my gender before.

  • I've always felt like a man,

  • but not sure if I've always been like a manly man.

  • I have been made to feel less than a man

  • for a good chunk of my life.

  • I started really questioning whether I was or not.

  • I tried fantasy football.

  • I'm bad at it, I hate it,

  • but I felt like if I didn't participate

  • in my school's fantasy football group,

  • that I wasn't a dude.

  • I had this pink salmon lunchbox that I really liked.

  • I was made fun of it.

  • Both boys and girls told me that I shouldn't have that,

  • and so, that was the last time I ever used that lunchbox.

  • My girlfriend's dad said I wasn't a real man.

  • When he said that, he was referring to the fact

  • that he didn't think that I could be the man of the house

  • if I were to marry his daughter.

  • You know it's those microaggressions and macroaggressions

  • that constantly wear at you, that start making you question

  • your right to be called a man.

  • Different points of my life, I've been self-conscious

  • of aspects of myself physically

  • because I felt like it was an indication

  • that I wasn't man enough.

  • Growing up a skinny kid, like definitely,

  • felt a little weaker.

  • As a short guy, everyone has remarked at how small I am.

  • I'm kinda skinny and lanky and awkward.

  • If I could change a part of my body,

  • I'd definitely add some muscle mass.

  • Because muscles make a man.

  • A muscular man with a six pack is an ideal.

  • My physical form, I've worked really hard

  • for it to look this way.

  • Getting stronger is amazing.

  • The muscles starting to form.

  • The look, the confidence.

  • A real man, I guess, is anyone that identifies as a man

  • that is not imaginary.

  • If you take away all these societal expectations.

  • Protects women.

  • Take up a lot of space.

  • Needs to be tough.

  • Can't cry.

  • Cannot be gay.

  • You really don't have anything else

  • besides just someone that identifies as a guy.

  • Because when we think too polemically about what makes a man or what makes a woman, we erase all of the like giant space of what makes a person.

I couldn't wait to grow a beard.

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Men Reveal Insecurities In Their Masculinity

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    羅紹桀 posted on 2016/07/13
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