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  • your good morning and welcome to science and society i'm doctor sheldon cooper bs en masse

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  • all right then we'll begin with opening remarks miss rostenkowski which you'd like to start

  • us off by discussing your assessment of sciences responsibility to society

  • i think our branch defiant abdomen classes tvc

  • it's not just john nuclear weapons out to destroy the world might come back and i just

  • i can tell you what even the tiniest or you can even think dealing in one

  • interesting i think what you might need to know about my colleague is that those she

  • claims her field of interest is tiny organisms

  • she certainly has spent her fair share of time around what we can assume was pretty

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  • massive weaponry

  • this time i'll wait for steven past

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  • are we talking about women wanting penises because i'd like to weigh in

  • doctor cooper collingwood you can join the conversation

  • certainly i'd like to raise two points number one

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  • for not taking comments or questions from the audience

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  • do you feel if you met my ex girlfriend and she was like angelina jolie

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  • hollister

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your good morning and welcome to science and society i'm doctor sheldon cooper bs en masse

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The Big Bang Theory: Science & Society Panel

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