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  • There aren't many people who've only seen a Disney movie once, but even on repeat viewings,

  • some of the best kept secrets and details can still be hard to spot. Allow us to fill

  • you in. Here are 20 Hidden Secrets in Disney Movies You Won't Believe.

  • Beauty and The Beast

  • Younger fans might keep their eyes covered in the movie's terrifying forest, but look

  • again: on the worn out road signs there's an arrow pointing to Anaheim - the home of

  • Disneyland - and Valencia - the hom of Cal Arts, where plenty of Disney animators learned

  • their trade.

  • The Little Mermaid

  • It's hard to forget the visual design of the movie's villain Ursula, but her unlikely inspiration

  • deserves most of the credit: the 1970s drag performer "Divine."

  • Wall-E

  • The movie may be set after the fall of the Disney and Pixar universe, but it's named

  • for the one who started it: Wall-E, as in Walter E. (for Elias) Disney.

  • Mickey Mouse

  • Disney's mascot has always had a sweetheart in Minnie, but when his voice actor Wayne

  • Allwine met voice actress Russi Taylor a decade into his career, real life sparks flew. The

  • two were married five years later.

  • A Goofy Movie

  • It may not get the same attention as other Disney flicks, but A Goofy movie's famous

  • Powerline number has a great Peter Pan easter egg backstage: Tick Tock, the Croc.

  • Cinderella

  • Ever gotten a real "Wicked Stepmother" vibe from Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent? You should,

  • since both iconic villain roles were played by and modeled after the same actress, Eleanor

  • Audley.

  • Tangled

  • During the lantern sequence, one of the thousands floats down next to Rapunzel, who keeps it

  • from sinking and sends it back into the sky. Notice the royal emblem? It's the same one

  • her parents sent out in her honor.

  • Snow White

  • The movie made animation, and Disney overnight sensations, but the artists took some clever

  • shortcuts to get there. To get Snow's skin looking just right, they applied actual rouge

  • to the animation cells - clearly, it worked.

  • As for the Dwarves, well the final seven were just a few of dozens of potential names, like:

  • Baldy, Hickey, Jumpy, Wheezy, Puffy, Tubby, Burpy, and Deafy. They made the right call

  • - even if "Wheezy" would be easier to remember.

  • Hercules

  • The Musical Muses of the movie steal the spotlight, but they also pay one massive tribute to the

  • broken busts in Disney World's Haunted Mansion.

  • Toy Story

  • Tom Hanks' performance as Woody helped make him Pixar's mascot, but his lines were actually

  • performed during breaks from other films - mainly Sleepless in Seattle and A League of Their

  • Own.

  • With Terminator 2 releasing just years before, the animators planned to have Buzz and Woody

  • rescued by their own Sarah Connor badass: Barbie, in her toy Corvette. Mattel who owned

  • Barbie refused, saying Barbie's personality wasn't set - and because they figured the

  • movie would flop. Good call on that one.

  • Toy Story 2

  • The team at Pixar clearly featured some Canadians, with a magazine on sale on Toy Story 2 priced

  • at $5 America, but $50 Canadian, taking a shot at the retail mark-up for imported products.

  • Jessie's exclamation, "sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln" upon meeting Woody may fit her characters,

  • but it's also a joke at Tom Hanks' expense. The actual mother of Abraham Lincoln was Nancy

  • Hanks - a distant cousin to the actor himself.

  • Zootopia

  • The animal cast includes a total of 64 species, but also pay tribute to past Disney releases.

  • Assistant Mayor Bellwether is a nod to the lambs of "Melody Time" and "Make Mine Music,"

  • and Mayor Lionheart was designed after The Lion King's Mufasa.

  • The movie is all about Judy Hopps' journey, but that wasn't the plan. Actress Ginnifer

  • Godwin had already recorded her lines for a supporting role to Nick the Fox's lead,

  • until one of the vocal crew informed her the script had been completely re-written with

  • Judy as the star.

  • The team tried to be accurate with their character designs, even traveling to Africa to see native

  • species up close. But when they realized a talking rabbit's upper lip would be split

  • up to its nose, they made an executive call, and stuck with the classic - and inaccurate

  • - talking rabbit tradition.

  • Frozen

  • The one-of-a-kind style and artwork in Frozen's world might seem like a Disney animator's

  • work, but it's actually known as "Rosemaling" - a traditional folk art hailing from Norway,

  • where the film is set and was used as inspiration for Arendale.

  • Most fans know that the movie started development with Elsa as the villain, but when that was

  • the plan, her character design was based on the late Amy Winehouse, with short, spiky

  • hair and blue skin.

  • The movie's success is mainly due to the bond shared by the starring sisters. That might

  • be because unlike most animated films, actresses Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel actually recorded

  • some of their scenes together - including the songs.

  • Conclusion

  • Those are some of our favorite bits of trivia and insider information, but what other Disney

  • secrets have we missed? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to subscribe for

  • more videos like this one.


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