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  • *Ben laughs*

  • Ben: So recently Elliot got a job working in a pub, no surprise

  • Ben: Last night Elliot came home complaining about the toilet

  • Ben: Apparently they're blocked and now they've gotta use a portaloo, which is a portable toilet.

  • Ben: That gave me an idea.

  • Ben: With the help of Farmer Chris, Chris: Hi!

  • Ben: We'd use Farmer Chris' truck & trailer to come wait up Elliot goes in the toilet.

  • Ben: Hijacking Elliot and the toilet.

  • Ben: Taking Elliot on a porta-tour

  • Ben: SORRY BRO.

  • *Ben laughs*

  • Ben: Chris, Chris make a move now, make a move now. He's in the toilet

  • Ben: Chris I repeat he's in the toilet.

  • Ben: GO GO GO GO GO

  • Ben (to cows): Sorry boys, I gotta go!

  • Elliot: Hello?! HELLO?

  • Elliot: What's going on here? What is it?

  • Elliot: SHIIIT!

  • Ben: Chris, he's trynna get out! Chris: Ah, don't worry, he can't get out.

  • *Ben laughs*

  • Ben: Jeepers! Chris is it even safe?

  • Chris: of course it's safe.

  • Tom: He's gonna bloody die.

  • Ben: He's not gonna die Tom for Goodness sake! Chris: He's not gonna die, he's used to this!

  • Ben: Right, where do we go now, what do we do now?

  • Chris: We're going to the car wash! *Ben laughs*

  • Ben: This is stupid!

  • Chris: it is not stupid!

  • *Ben does not know what to say*

  • Ben: *weird noise* Chris, he's going nuts!

  • Ben: Chris, Chris drive!

  • *Ben laughs*

  • Ben: Boys!

  • Ben: Last time we did this he was mad!

  • Chris: Just get out and record Ben!

  • *Ben laughs* Ben: Jeepers!

  • Ben: GO!

  • Ben: Oh no... that's a bad idea. Oh my Gosh..

  • *Ben laughs/creepy noise*

  • Ben: Literally on the edge, on the edge of the bank!

  • Ben: So on the edge of the bank, yeah?

  • *Elliot shouts*

  • Ben: Sorry Bro!

  • Elliot: BEEEEEEEN!

  • *Ben laughs* Ben: Right, sorry! Whoa, Jeepers..

  • Woah, woah, woah, I need a slow-mo shot, Chris, I need a slow-mo shot for this!

  • Chris: Right, hurry up then Ben: Chris!

  • Slow motion noises/ slow motion shouting/ Ben laughing in slow motion

  • Ben: Chris he's gonna flippin' float on the river!

  • Chris: Well, what do you want me to do? Ben: Well, I don't know, you can't just let him go!

  • Chris: Oh, shove it!

  • Chris: Pint?

  • Ben: Pint! *Ben Laughs*

  • *Ben Laughs* Chris: Is that, is that poo?

  • Oh my Gosh this is disgusting..

  • Elliot: Stop bloody recording!

  • Chris: Is that poo?!

  • Ben: Chris he is furious oh my Gosh..

  • Jeepers.. Elliot calm down!

  • Elliot : you pieces of shit

  • Chris :

  • Elliot : excuse me?

  • Elliot : I'm gonna say it once, I said it once. and I'm gonna say it twice. I will find you. I will record you. and I will prank you.

  • Jeepers..

*Ben laughs*

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Ben Phillips | Toilet Tour PRANK!!! - I smell like crap and piss

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