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  • Alright. Welcome back. We're taking a look at (a) tornado.

  • Yesterday north of Tulsa this one touched down seven people were injured there

  • and fortunately no fatalities to report, but some amazing video. That same storm system is the one that is going to be coming our way

  • hopefully not producing that kind of weather

  • but I thought that was only fair in the event that we have all of the intense thunderstorms coming here that we go to Loki

  • who is of course Thor's brother

  • to talk about the bad weather coming in here

  • so, Loki, what have we got there?

  • you know, my brother from another mother's been misbehaving

  • the God of Thunder has brought his

  • skill set to bear on the local weather, shall I say. So there is a huge storm front coming in

  • and all that means is that Chris Hemsworth has taken his hammer and he's smashed it on

  • the surface of the sky and it's gonna rain a hell of a lot

  • so, good luck with that

  • and hmmm

  • back to you sir (very good)

  • That was awesome

  • Way to go!

  • Loki with the weather there, Tom. That was terrific! (Loki:Thank you)

  • Hopefully Thor's hammer will not come down too hard on us this afternoon

Alright. Welcome back. We're taking a look at (a) tornado.

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Loki (Tom Hiddleston) Does the Weather

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    Mikae Wu   posted on 2016/06/02
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