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  • So the protests in Ferguson, Missouri have escalated again. Erupting after the grand

  • jury verdict into the case of a white police officer Darren Wilson who shot an unarmed

  • black man Michael Brown.

  • The protests rippled across North America with marches in New York City

  • Washington and California.

  • Police were out in riot gear, the National Guard brought their big military in and there

  • were plenty of standoffs with protestors.

  • But there were some other things that were happening that we think you would be shocked by

  • ***

  • It wasn't a surprise when the tear gas started to be used. Protesters were expecting it and

  • many came with masks to try and protect themselves. Yet there were many cases of people suffering

  • the effects even though they had.

  • But something that caused even more anger was that those in the Makabe coffee house

  • on Arsenal Street appeared to be targeted too. Directly or indirectly.

  • Naturally a place to gather, it was here where people congregated to hear the decision of

  • the grand jury. And it was here from where many went out on the streets to protest.

  • But as the tear gas filled the air they sought refuge back at the coffee house thinking they

  • would be safe on private property.

  • Witnesses said multiple tear gas canisters were thrown inside in a move described as

  • "incredibly provocative"

  • This video shows people suffering the after effects and eventually they all had to leave....but

  • not without a Ferguson chant being shouted as they exited.

  • Live-blogging, live video feeds. People were giving a running commentary on what was happening

  • in Ferguson and where.

  • It created a picture of nights and days of moving protest, confrontations with police,

  • observations of the military might which was at odds with protesters' mainly peaceful words and chants.

  • But for some that picture was kind of clouded by social media - their vehicle to communicate freely.

  • For Twitter user and activist on the ground Deray McKesson, his pictures started to show

  • a preview warning, with Twitter saying they "may be sensitve".

  • Although these were the kind of images being posted by many others which were viewable.

  • His pictures and videos were later watchable again without warning but he seemed to have

  • a different problem then.

  • The view of the protests has not just come from protesters but also police and St Louis

  • County Police's Twitter account has been tweeting.

  • They told us about the cars that were being torched, the bottles of urine that were being

  • flung around.

  • The account wasn't devoid of pictures - these showing the damage...but no mention of tear

  • gassing and injuries or the national guard.

  • Protestors claims the true picture was not being shown.

  • As police cars were rolled and burned so too were many businesses.

  • And there was looting.

  • Businesses were already suffering a slowdown in sales after the August protests erupted.

  • Now they're facing an even tougher time.

  • In 1992 after four white police officers were acquitted of the beating of Rodney King there

  • was widespread looting and burning.

  • A state of emergency was declared and some research has since said that the city lost $4bn in taxable sales.

  • However, it's not clear yet how much Ferguson will suffer now financially from its latest protests.

  • But amid the social unrest there were parts of the community already clearing up and businesses

  • being guarded around the clock.

  • Whether you consider looting a crime or a symptom of a broken system - in times of social

  • unrest there will be some kind of economic impact.

  • There has been anecdotal evidence from gun owners in Ferguson saying that they have seen

  • sales rise, since the shooting of Michael Brown.

  • Owners say many of the sales were by people who wanted to feel safer.

  • There have been reported rises in August when the initial protests started. Another in October and then

  • there was a further spike this month just before the grand jury announcement.

  • One shop owner who spoke to the Reuters news agency said he saw people coming in with fear in their eyes

  • and sorrow in their face.

  • Buying a firearm to defend themselves and their family.

  • Using their money to buy a gun not food or people wanting to protect their businesses.

  • The guns mainly being bought are ones being used for sporting events.

  • The tension in Ferguson - a predominately black city with a white-dominated power structure

  • - one of the factors in itself..continues to make national and international news.

  • And even though Michael Brown's family statement called for calm these tensions have their

  • roots in history which goes back decades to racial segregation and it's consequences

So the protests in Ferguson, Missouri have escalated again. Erupting after the grand

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