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  • - Tasty in the front and just like

  • bam, bam, bam,

  • punch you in your dick on the way out.

  • (electronic music)

  • - I think I can handle spicy food.

  • The only thing is I get the hiccups

  • when I eat spicy food so.

  • - I don't take spicy food too well.

  • - I'm not intimidated by spicy food.

  • That's a cute dog.

  • - When I was a child my grandma

  • used to spike my food with spice

  • to make sure I could handle it.

  • - Oh this is a challenge?

  • - Oh, (bleep).

  • - This smells good so.

  • - Oh my God, okay, okay.

  • - Oh.

  • - Oh, oh boy.

  • - Yeah I feel it but it's not that bad.

  • - It's definitely a painful spice

  • rather than a flavorful spice.

  • - Oh my God, I'm such a white person.

  • - Water, water.

  • Oh man, I need your water, Zack.

  • - Oh I get the hiccups every time I eat sp- (hiccup)

  • Oh I get the hiccups every time I eat spi- (hiccup)

  • - Oop see, I just hiccuped.

  • - I can't.

  • - Yeah, that would (bleep) you up.

  • - How much am I supposed to eat before it hurts?

  • - It's definitely getting worse.

  • - I mean, it's good minus the pain.

  • - Done.

  • - Boom, we did it.

  • - I'm a bad person to get to these

  • like I put so much like shit in my body.

  • - I have a whole bunch on my face

  • so my face is burning.

  • - Look at my fingers.

  • - I think my tongue grew two sizes.

  • - I'm not Korean but I'm Asian so it's like, you know.

  • - I think my grandma won against everyone.

  • She's like, "Oh you're sad that

  • I spiked your food with spice?

  • Well listen, I lived through two revolutions, bitch."

- Tasty in the front and just like

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