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  • Hello everyone!

  • Welcome to Idiom 100, where we learn 100 commonly used idioms by native English speakers.

  • All of the explanations are in English, so it might be challenging for you,

  • but just try to imagine the meanings in your head and study hard and soon you'll be able to use these idioms in your conversations.

  • Is everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Hello everyone!

  • Today's idiom is: knock off.

  • Knock off.

  • Okay, so let's imagine you're sleeping and you're so tired and it feels great.

  • And all of a sudden, your alarm clock starts to buzz.

  • Oh, it's so loud and so awful and you knock it off onto the floor and it breaks and it turns off, it stops.

  • Ah, great. Yeah, you knocked off the alarm.

  • Knock off.

  • Alright, so let's listen to 2 examples of how to use knock off.

  • My friend told me I should knock off smoking, what do you think?

  • I can't agree with her more. It's very bad for your health!

  • Alright, so her friend said, 'You should knock off smoking.'

  • You should stop?

  • Okay, let's listen to the second example.

  • Can you please do something about the loud music?

  • Okay, I'll tell them to knock it off!

  • Yeah, it's loud music, so her friend said, 'I'll tell them to knock it off.' Yeah, stop.

  • Okay, so 'knock off' or 'knock it off' means to stop, but it's usually used in a very negative way.

  • Maybe something is very bad or annoying and you want someone else to knock it off.

  • Yeah, and it's not a nice thing to say.

  • Usually, you're very angry or in a bad mood if you tell someone to knock it off.

  • Yeah, maybe your children are fighting all the time, all day they're fighting and finally you get angry and you say,

  • 'If you don't knock it off, you can't have dessert for one month,' or something.

  • Yeah, you're telling them, 'Please stop! I'm angry.'

  • Alright, so 'knock it off' is not something you should use with your boss or to someone you're happy with,

  • but maybe to someone that you're not happy with and something you want to tell them, 'Please stop!'

  • Alright, so be careful when you use 'knock it off' and I'll see you again next time.

Hello everyone!

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English Idiom 48/100: "Knock it off"

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