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  • This is a bit about- QR Codes!

  • The term Augmented Reality is defined as

  • environment that includes both

  • real-world and virtual-world elements.

  • A very simple example of an augmented reality

  • would be the use of QR Codes.

  • If you haven’t heard or seen QR codes

  • you soon will.

  • QR or Quick Response codes are

  • two dimensional matrix codes that

  • trigger responses in smart phones.

  • The response triggered could be a simple

  • text message, a call to a telephone number,

  • a visual, or a trip to a website.

  • By downloading simple free applications

  • to your smart phone, access is simple.

  • Click the app

  • point your phone to the code

  • and presto an interaction occurs.

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  • QR codes have been in use in Japan

  • and Europe for several years.

  • Very prevalent in Japan,

  • they have been used in advertising to promote

  • products by sending customers to websites,

  • triggering information such as nutritional details

  • or prompting a sale via coupons.

  • They have even appeared in architecture.

  • The Tokyo N Building rather than having the typical billboards

  • was built with a QR Code façade.

  • The QR code takes you to a site that gives up-to-date information

  • on the shops and services inside.

  • The vision of the future includes

  • the use of an iphone app that will allow

  • users to see those inside who

  • want to be seen and heard.

  • By clicking on them

  • you would see what they are tweeting.

  • QR codes are just starting to become

  • popular in North America.

  • A number of airlines like British Airways and United

  • now allow users to download QR boarding passes

  • to their phone and to use at the departure gate

  • Starbucks is piloting a QR enabled app

  • that links to a store account allowing customers

  • to pay. Some companies are using

  • QR codes to buy and redeem tickets

  • Hollywood Blockbusters like

  • Iron Man 2 are using QR codes for promotion

  • Calvin Klein is posting

  • a giant QR code in New York

  • to send users to a 40 second

  • racy commercial

  • True Blood embedded one to

  • promote their new season within a commercial

  • on the last episode of Lost

  • You can make a statement about who you are

  • with your own QR code Tshirt

  • belt buckle,

  • tattoo, or business card

  • And if you think your food has escaped the code,

  • think again

  • your next birthday cake may have one

  • and if you buy a clever cupcake its code will send you

  • to a site to aid world poverty.

  • There's no escape..might as well relax

  • on a beach somewhere

  • For a bit more about our course

  • activate the QR code above

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QR Codes - Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

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