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  • Hello everybody! Today I am gonna be doing a homeware haul.

  • Now, I think these are possibly my favourite kinds of videos to watch

  • because I am obsessed with all things homeware

  • I believe

  • One of the things that I was most excited to do when I was a child

  • was to have my own house so I could make it exactly how I wanted it

  • And that is also one of the main reasons I think I was slightly a bit too obsessed with the SIMS growing up

  • because you could just build and do whatever you wanted.

  • So, it means that every now and then, when I go shopping

  • I find little trinkets and bits and bobs to put in the house

  • and I thought I would share these with you

  • because there's a lot of things I really love.

  • The first place I went was actually Urban Outfitters

  • Now, Urban Outfitters is mostly known for

  • its clothes et cetera

  • Clothes and shoes, um..

  • But actually, their homeware section has some quite nice little bits and pieces in it

  • First thing I picked up was this bunting

  • Now I love bunting as much as the next person

  • You know that, come all the different seasons, I have some some form of bunting

  • represent that time of the year. Erm,

  • and I just thought this was really cool,

  • because you don't need any helium for these. You just blow them up.

  • And they are attached to a string, therefore you can just hang them.

  • Super easy, super quick!

  • Erm, so I really really liked that. I thought that was really nice. Save that for someone's birthday!

  • This is a water bottle and it says "I uber to the gym".

  • Now, me and Alfie actually have somebody in mind to give this to, however...

  • Alfie(!) is the sort of person who would uber to the frickin' gym

  •, if we don't give this to the person that we wanted to give it to...

  • I feel like this would be really suitable for Alfie.

  • I don't actually go to the gym

  • so it doesn't make any sense for it to be for me.

  • But it is a really cool water bottle.

  • I love that saying - I just think that's so funny!

  • And it has a little bag inside.

  • Wait - what's the bag for? Just to put the water bottle in?

  • Yeah! There you go - to put your water bottle in.

  • I slept on my neck really weird last night, so now I can't turn this way...

  • I also pick up a box of safety matches

  • I realised we had no matches in our house...

  • I was trying to light candles with my gas hob which, I understand, is actually probably a little dangerous...

  • They're quite nice and big, which I like

  • I hate when matches are tiny, because you can literally light one wick with each match

  • and, err, yeah

  • ...these are just really cute!

  • It's a box of matches...what more can I say?!

  • I also have a record player in my upstairs office room where I do my makeup and random bits and pieces

  • ...and I have quite a few records

  • like some of my favourite CDs and some of my favourite songs

  • So it was only right to pick up Adele's '25' on record, so that I can also listen to that upstairs.

  • Quite possibly one of my favourite albums of 2016...

  • ...already.

  • The next thing I picked up I am so in love with

  • It almost hurts.

  • And it is this mug which is this gorgeous like

  • ...I guess, it's like proper pottery.

  • And he is an elephant.

  • And, err...he's just adorable.

  • A lot of the time, like you guys know, I don't really drink like traditional tea (black tea)

  • I drink mostly like herbal teas or fruit teas

  • So, basically, you've got this little pocket here

  • where you can pour your teabag out and plop him in here

  • in the elephant's head

  • Where you can pull your tea bag out and plot him in here

  • Which I find so useful, because quite often

Hello everybody! Today I am gonna be doing a homeware haul.

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Homeware Haul | Zoella

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