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  • Hey guys, it is Cara and today I wanted to talk about: *booty song plays* or more like

  • the lack of today I wanted to speak to my fellow "no curves" girls out there you know

  • the girls without the hourglass figure, who have the A cups, and the tiny butts you're

  • the ladies I'm speaking to today and even if you're not one of those ladies, tune in

  • it's an important message. I wanted to make this video today because I feel like it's

  • a topic that's not frequently addressed. And I know from personal experience it can be

  • easy to feel bad about yourself in a world that hyper-sexualizes everyone, men and women.

  • I'm still not a very "curvy" person, but in middle school I was very very thin and especially

  • guys would make fun of me a lot. They'd call me flat chested or they'd yell across the

  • room saying who would ever like a girl without curves. Mean things like that; mean middle

  • school things. And I remember girls in the locker room comparing bra sizes and I overhear

  • all the time people secretly teasing strangers because their butt doesn't resemble Beyonce's.

  • Which is ridiculous because who could honestly resemble Beyonce in any way shape or form?

  • Being a girl who doesn't have huge curves is a bit of an odd place to be in and I think

  • personally this is because society, especially as of lately, has a really weird ideal of

  • what the "perfect woman" is. Tina Fey described it best in her book "Bossypants" when she

  • said

  • And

  • though this quote by the amazing Tina Fey whose book you should really read, is humorous

  • I do think it perfectly describes that there are all these qualities of the "perfect woman"

  • but having them all together is very unrealistic and it ends up leaving almost every woman

  • out there feeling really crappy about themselves and feeling inadequate in some way. Even Kim

  • Kardashian I am sure has felt sucky about her body sometimes. So on one hand, if you're

  • a girl with a more slender body type you might be regarded as thin and seen in a more positive

  • light because society places more value on women's thinness. But on the other hand, that

  • same woman with a slender body type might be seen as possibly starving herself, people

  • might make accusatory claims saying she needs to eat a burger or that she looks underfed,

  • she looks like a skeleton, something is "wrong" with her. Or she might be seen as not a "real

  • woman" because apparently a real woman has big butts and big boobs. And I don't know

  • how you have multiple butts, don't know why I pluralized that but a real woman apparently

  • has more than two butts - two or more butts. That's a thing. I see a lot of people doing

  • this with celebrities like Ariana Grande and it's really sad to see. I can't understand

  • why people feel like it's their right to shame someone else's body; another person's body.

  • It's not yours to comment on. Ariana is beautiful and your comments comparing her to a prepubescent

  • boy is wrong, it's rude, and it is a form of bullying. Just like fat-shaming, skinny-shaming

  • is a thing and it's not okay. And for those who claim to be looking out for someone's

  • health when they make those statements "Oh you need to go eat a burger!" "Oh I think

  • she's anorexic!" "Ugh she looks like a skeleton!" Those type of things. There's a huge difference

  • between genuinely looking for someone's health and bullying. If you're genuinely concerned

  • for someone's health, go seek them out privately and talk to them or go talk to a counselor

  • so they can get some help. That's going to be a lot more effective than publicly shaming

  • them online or in person because that's just going to worsen any problems that already

  • exist. But back to the "real woman" thing that I was talking about earlier. It's always

  • so frustrating to me, because I see these posts on Facebook and Instagram, when I see

  • things saying that "oh a real woman has a booty" a real woman this, a real woman that

  • blah blah blah blah you know what that is, that's a bunch of you get it. So I'm here

  • to settle the debate once and for all. Do you identify as a woman? Yes, okay perfect.

  • Go to a mirror and then look at that reflection. See that figure staring back at you? That's

  • what a real woman looks like. Congratulations! We figured this out together. Unless you turned

  • around whispering "bloody Mary" three times in the dark then that figure you're seeing

  • is a ghost and you need to run! If you're a woman who possesses atoms that make up matter,

  • then congratulations, you're a real woman! Crazy, I know. So my message for my fellow

  • "no curves" girls out there is that your bodies are valid; they are beautiful and they represent

  • what a real woman looks like, and that real woman is you. Everybody's bodies are built

  • differently. We're different and that's what makes us so awesome. Imagine how boring the

  • world would be if we all looked the exact same. The fact is that no matter what you

  • do, no matter what you look like, there's always, always going to be someone who has

  • something bad to say about you. There's always going to be someone with a negative opinion

  • because that's how people work. Some people just can't be pleased and once you realize

  • that you can't please the world you'll realize you can please yourself though. And you do

  • have the power to love yourself and no one out there can take that power away from you.

  • But yeah, that's it for my little speech. I really wanted to make that video because

  • I'd seen a lot of self hatred online for people's bodies and not being happy with what they

  • looked like. I think this is a message I would've really liked to hear when I was younger and

  • I was learning to accept my body and be comfortable with it. I'm at a point now where I'm so much

  • more comfortable with it, and I'm okay that I'm not going to be the curviest girl out

  • there; that's fine with me. But there's a lot of people out there who are learning to

  • be okay with what they look like and I hope that they get there; I hope they can learn

  • to love themselves and be okay with being different. Because that's kind of what makes

  • you awesome. I'm rambling, so I'm going to wrap up this video. I hope you guys liked

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  • Snapchat, Twitter, all those good things. But other than that, thank you guys so much

  • for watching and I'll see you guys next week bye! By the way, before I forget I made a

  • vlog channel right here yup there is is. I don't have any videos on it yet but I will

  • soon. There will be bloopers, and extras and vlogs and just random chit chat on there so

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Hey guys, it is Cara and today I wanted to talk about: *booty song plays* or more like

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Message to Girls with "No Curves"

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