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  • It's part porn

  • Part true detective intro

  • Just went blind

  • They have more fun, I've been told

  • And now I only have a first name

  • Just call me Zayn, Malik was lame

  • Now I'm like Sting, Hitler or Bono

  • I like all types of birds

  • As long as they're models, this girl is less than both her shoes

  • These boxing unicorns

  • Are making uniporn

  • Hey put some hearts on that girl's boobs

  • Now let's make dreary faces

  • Stick the footage in premiere

  • Make everything look smeared

  • Put a flower on her labia

  • Tattoo lyrics on her neck

  • Now here's some gibberish

  • Yabba dabba doo

  • Babadook

  • Marmaduke

  • I can do what I want

  • No more 1D guys

  • And raging hormones

  • She's a porcupine

  • This is a poor song

  • Pillow F*@%

  • Is what I do, when she's gone

  • F### F### F######!

  • Now I'm cool, I drop F bombs

  • Why is my face so expressionless?

  • If I feel great, or I'm in pain

  • It stays the same, Irreregardless

  • Blood's pouring from your eyes

  • You're probably hungry

  • Please let me make you some beef stew

  • Hey let's get out of this hell

  • Cause the sexy acid trip

  • Is making us feel sick

  • Let's go home and watch Seinfeld

  • It's on eight times a week

  • And it stills holds up

  • In the bed all day

  • Watch TV endlessly

  • Eating crisps with some dips

  • Watching family guy

  • Then getting our Friends on

  • You boxing unicorns

  • Can put your clothes on

  • And you can go home

  • I'm now the Justin guy

  • This is my end zone

  • Justin guy

  • Justin guy

  • Justin guy

  • Justin guy

  • End zone

  • End zone

  • End zone

  • End zone

  • Soon

  • Very soon

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • woah ha ha ha ha ha

  • haaa hahahahahahahaha

  • The key of awesome

  • Hey! Everybody thanks for watching

  • The key of awesome #107

  • And to see all the other Key of Awesomes, click on the link in the description

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  • Or as we say across the pond, subscribe

  • ha ha ha ha ha

  • Ugh , cat hospital

It's part porn

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Zayn - PillowTalk PARODY! Key of Awesome #107

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    Alice Yui posted on 2016/04/06
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