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  • I'm Max

  • And I'm the luckiest dog in New York

  • ...because of her

  • Come on, Max, I gotta go

  • See you tonight!

  • Bye, Gidget!

  • So long, Mel!

  • See you later, Chloe!

  • Good morning, Max!

  • What's up, guys?

  • Any plans today?

  • Big plans, I'm gonna sit here

  • and I'm gonna wait for Katie to come back.

  • Oh, I miss her so much!

  • She's back!

  • Hey Maximilian!

  • I have some big news!

  • Max, this is Duke!

  • He's going to be your brother!

  • Chloe! Chloe!

  • I got a bad situation!

  • Katie brought home a psychopath from the pound!

  • I don't even have bed now.

  • I'm sleeping on the floor.

  • Like a dog.

  • Duke is just ruining our life! He's rude! It's an emergent..... (Barking)

  • Aww... you little cutie pie.

  • Hey Max!

  • Max?

  • What is going on here?

  • Mind your own business... oh my gosh, what happened to you?

  • Ahhhh!!

  • Run!!

  • Wait!

  • Help! Help!

  • Hey, did you hear that?

  • Butterfly!

  • Butterfly! Butterfly get it!

  • Max is missing!

  • We've got to find him.

  • Katie is gonna be worried sick.

  • We had great thing going.

  • I blame myself.

  • Yeah, me too. I blame you a lot.

  • We'll bust both you out of here. But from now on you work for me.

  • Advantage me!

  • (Laugh.)

  • Oh Oh.

  • Just ignore what just happen okay?

  • (Laugh.)

  • Run Max!

  • This is my city.

  • I'll find your friend.

  • We gotta take this secret route.

  • Whoa!!

  • Oh okay the secret route was death.

  • Come on!

  • We can find our way home.

  • We are descendants from the mighty wolf.

  • Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!

  • We have raw primal instinct.

  • Hi, how are ya?

  • There are moments away from leading us home

  • Isn't home that way?

  • Seriously?!

  • The Secret Life of Pets.

  • Be good boy Lener.

  • (Rock Punk Music.)

I'm Max

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The Secret Life of Pets Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate Animated Comedy HD

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