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  • Hey, I can't wait for you to meet Ashley.

  • Yeah. I can't wait to meet your best friend!

  • Oh. Hey, Ashley!

  • Hey. It's nice to see ya.

  • You, too. Hi! Oh, hi!

  • I heard so much about you.

  • I heard so much about you.

  • So, this is Ashley.

  • Yeah. Ashley and I go way back.

  • Way back.

  • Way back. Haha. Way back. It's just like way back.

  • Way back.

  • Let's play some frisbee.

  • I'm gonna put on some sunscreen. Gotta protect myself.

  • I'll meet you guys later. Okay

  • You guys play.

  • See you in a bit.

  • See you in a bit, guys.

  • Wow.

  • Good job. That's sweet. Yes!

  • Coming!

  • Yeah that was so much fun.

  • But anyways, I'm gonna go.

  • It was so nice to meet you, finally!

  • So nice to see you.

  • We'll plan something soon. Bye guys.

  • Bye, Ashley.

  • Isn't she great?

  • Yeah, she's awesome!

  • Ha! This is her!

  • Wow. She's gorgeous.

  • I know! She's pretty. She's outgoing. She's smart.

  • She's freaking perfect!

  • Are you jealous?

  • I'm not jealous! Yeah, you're jealous.

  • Thanks, babe. Yeah, no worries.

  • So, have you ever liked Ashley?

  • Um, no.

  • Have you ever hooked up with her?

  • Um, no.

  • But, like, have you ever considered her?

  • Like you wanted to date her but you couldn't date her like somebody said...

  • Linda, I told you. She's a friend. I don't like her that way.

  • It's just weird, like, she's really pretty.

  • I'm gonna head to bed now.

  • Don't even think about it.

  • Wasn't gonna do it. Just checking the time.

  • I came as soon as I saw your text.

  • I broke up with Zach because I'm in love with you.

  • I don't know what to do.

  • Linda, they have been friends since elementary school

  • and nothing has ever happened.

  • Don't you think something would have happened by now?

  • Honestly, he's with you and not with her.

  • I think you're just overthinking it.

  • Maybe I am thinking too much. You're right!

  • When am I ever wrong?

  • Josh is right again!

  • Are you sure you don't want to go to that party?

  • Yeah. That's fine. You go.

  • Alright. Oh, hey, Nick!

  • See you tonight, ok? Bye!

Hey, I can't wait for you to meet Ashley.

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My Boyfriend's Hot Best Girl Friend

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