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  • I saw the pictures of your pets,

  • who isn't obsessed with their own pets?

  • I mean, everybody, so you take lots of pictures.

  • We're obsessed with each other's.

  • Yeah, we are.

  • So you have a little puppy that's cute,

  • and you have a kitten, and let's...

  • Who are we showing first?

  • - Let's take a look. - Okay.

  • Aww, Betty!

  • That's a horrible picture!

  • [laughter]

  • What is the name of that cute dog?

  • - Betty. - Betty?

  • - Betty. - Yes.

  • - Oh my god, is it a Yorkie? -It is.

  • - And then this is your kitten. - That's Millie Boo-boo!

  • - [sighs] - THAT'S MILLIE.

  • And Millie was how old when you rescued her?

  • She was three or four weeks old.

  • Wow, that's young to get a kitten.

  • Yeah, she's a baby.

  • Well, they told me she was older,

  • But she wasn't.

  • You're not supposed to be able to get them,

  • Until they're like, you know, healthy,

  • But she was sick, so I gave her all her medicine.

  • [audience awws]

  • - I mean... -Look at my baby!

  • [laughing]

  • Had you ever had a kitten before?

  • - I fostered a few kittens. -Oh!

  • My god, oh, my little boo.

  • There's nothing cuter than a kitten.

  • I mean, they are hilarious, aren't they?

  • - Yeah, they are the funniest. - Look at it.

  • She's... she still does that. She's six months now.

  • But yeah, I fostered a pair of kittens that got adopted.

  • And it was like, one of the hardest, saddest things to let them go.

  • - To let them go? - Yeah.

  • - But it's good now. - They're cute.

  • They can climb anything and get in things.

  • That's the thing about kittens.

  • They've got little, little knife teeth.

  • Yes.

  • And when they're teething like that,

  • I mean, your hand is just gone.

  • So puppies too, they have the little sharp teeth like that.

  • Yeah.

  • And your dog... is it Yorkie or no?

  • It is, yeah, yeah.

  • So what are these apps that you do?

  • This is an app that we discovered.

  • that we loved to send photos back and forth

  • with this app that's called "My Talking Pet".

  • Okay, let's see.

  • [cheers and applause]

  • That's great.

  • I love when it goes up, the high pitch.

  • - Coolest. - I know.

  • No, it's not fair.

  • I want to see the kitten one too.

  • Let's see this.

  • - Yeah! - Can we have the next shot?

  • [singing high-pitched funk song]

  • That's hilarious.

  • We spent hours, hours.

  • - All right. - Hours and hours.

  • Hours sending these back and forth.

  • "2 Broke Girls" airs tonight at a new time.

  • It's 8:30 on CBS. And we will be right back.

  • Thank you so much for being here.

I saw the pictures of your pets,

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'2 Broke Girls' and Their Pets!

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