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  • %uh well

  • we humans have always been obsessed with communicating

  • It's how we turn ideas into the glue that binds us together

  • into tribes and societies, in oral traditions

  • an idea spreads from person to person everyone briefly owns it

  • modifies it and can choose to pass it through social networks or let it die

  • its survival of the fittest and only the most compelling ideas thrive

  • but the last 100 years of the broadcast you're a changed all that

  • here audiences became consumers have ideas not participate in spreading them

  • Brandon causes with access to broadcast could guarantee attention

  • became survival of the richest now that the broadcast your is ending

  • what will come next %uh with audiences again in charge of what ideas they seek

  • skipping pass along we are entering a time that looks like a digitally

  • empowered version of the

  • oral tradition %uh the digital world era here its survival of the fittest again

  • and what kind of ideas survive in any world tradition stories

  • it's time we all became storytellers again but help

  • it starts by thinking if your brand itself as a story every communication

  • you create is another chapter in an

  • unfolding epic starring you and your audience on the surface have any story

  • you find characters settings conflict none of these things are placed there by

  • chance

  • every visible elemental well told story is the article is Trick or Treat about

  • the world

  • a moral of the story morals are themselves expressions and values that

  • the storyteller wants to share

  • different values Creed vastly different worlds and story surfaces

  • Joseph Campbell the studied stories across cultures in millenia

  • discovered the most universally successful stories were myths

  • call audiences to hire human values like community

  • justice

  • truth and self-expression Campbell also uncovered the Hero's Journey

  • a formula for iconic storytelling that has always work

  • we still see it everywhere and it provides huge insights for a story based

  • brand

  • an unlikely hero a powerless outsider models through a broken world

  • she wants to live out her higher values but feels powerless to do so

  • then she meets a mentor who tells her so much more as possible

  • he gives her a magic gift and call sir to a dangerous adventure of

  • self-discovery

  • on this adventure she confronts the evil source in the world brokenness

  • and sees a treasure with which he comes back to heal society

  • audience is thrilled to hear this story again and again

  • brands can use this formula to become storytelling master's tea

  • how star with the hero this year doesn't start out as the insider

  • the one with the power she's an outsider to your brand so

  • she's not you the hero of your story is your audience

  • so if you're not the hero who are you the mentor

  • you are the character that reveals more as possible

  • you work to connect audiences to their deeper values you teacher Corps truth

  • moral of the story the provide spoke to heal a broken world

  • stop talking about how great you are and start telling stories about how great

  • your audience can be

  • and give them a magic gift something that makes the adventure you're offering

  • seem likely to succeed a great brand gift has taken good story brands and

  • made them cultural icons

  • any brand could become a story brand by finding its relevance in its values

  • its consistency by building every communication around its moral

  • it finds resonance in its unique voices mentor rather than hero

  • and its differentiator its gift but that's the easy part

  • in the transparent world to the Detroit you're a mythic success will take

  • something more

  • a commitment to live the higher values US pals those that don't

  • will lose credibility and their stories with brands brave enough to live their

  • values will reach iconic status and laid out to destroy lansky

  • they will tell the stories and create the myths that will win

  • the story

  • this

%uh well

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Winning the Story Wars - The Hero's Journey (2012)

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