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  • I’m about to give you some advice about why you shouldn’t listen to advice people

  • give you, so pay attention. I’m Danielle Ford with young moms club dot com and one

  • thing I’ve learned after getting pregnant at seventeen and having two kids by the age

  • of twenty is that everybody and their brother wants to give you advice. Apparently when

  • people see a young mom, it’s a cue for them to start offering their opinions. They will

  • tell you how you should live your life, what to do about the baby’s father, how you should

  • raise your child, what you should be spending money on or not spending your money on. Yup.

  • People just love telling young moms what to do. And here’s the problem with that. Although

  • advice givers are probably trying to help and that’s nice, most likely they don’t

  • know what theyre talking about so don’t listen to them. OK well that’s not fair.

  • Maybe a small percent of the advice you get is actually good advice. Like twenty percent

  • or less if that. Ok so how do you figure out which advice givers you should actually listen

  • to and which you should tune out? It’s actually really easy in fact it’s only three words,

  • ready? Consider the source. Who is it that is giving you this advice? When I want business

  • advice, I don’t walk up to a homeless person on the street and ask them for business tips.

  • What I would do is seek out someone who has a successful business that is similar to mine

  • and ask them for advice. This goes for like every type of situation. For example, if youre

  • having boyfriend problems, you wouldn’t want to call up your best friend who is a

  • huge drama queen and is always single or in terrible relationships and ask what you should

  • do. She’s probably a good person to vent to about it because that’s what friends

  • are for but any advice she’s gonna give you is probably gonna be bad. You should only

  • be taking relationship advice from people who have the kind of relationship you want.

  • One of the most common areas that people like to give advice is around your goals and plans

  • and what things things you can do and which things you wouldn’t be able to do. A lot

  • of it is brought on by ourselves though because for some reason, before we decide to do something,

  • we start asking other people what they think we should do. Do you think I should do this?

  • Do you think I should do that? Do you think I should start a business? Do you think I

  • should pursue a music career? Etcetera etcetera etcetera. See most people can only wrap their

  • minds around what theyve done. If you ask your dad who’s worked his way up the corporate

  • ladder and is now the top manager at his company if you should start a business, hell probably

  • say yes to be supportive but hell really be thinking that it’s risky and that there

  • are a lot of things that could go wrong and he won’t be able to fully understand what

  • it takes to start a business because he’s never done it. This is where you welcome his

  • support and try to meet successful entrepreneurs to learn from. Again if you ask someone you

  • respect, like a teacher if you should pursue a music career, theyll probably recommend

  • that you have something to fall back on, which is their words for saying no. But if you were

  • to ask the same thing to Lady Gaga, you’d get a very different answer. Well that’s

  • it for today. Hopefully now youll stop listening to so many people’s advice, except

  • for mine, you should always listen to my advice. I’m just kidding. No I’m not. If you enjoyed

  • this video and found it useful, then please share it with your friends. And I wanna hear

  • from you. What do you do when people try to give you their advice? Do you consider the

  • source? Have you ever taken advice and then lived to regret it? Let’s talk about it

  • in the comments. If youre not officially in the club yet then go to young moms club

  • dot com, enter your name and email and youre good to go. I’ll even send you a free gift

  • immediately. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next week.

I’m about to give you some advice about why you shouldn’t listen to advice people

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Why you shouldn't listen to Advice from others

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