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  • Tom :My dear friend Josh,

  • you are cordially invited to the after party for Crimson Peak.

  • Since this is an exclusive and intimate affair,

  • we do ask that you don’t bring any other guests.

  • Jessica and I look forward very much to seeing you.

  • And not murdering you in any way at all,

  • hugs and kisses, T.

  • JOSH: Hey guys

  • TOM: See? I told you he’d come. JESS: Oh goodie, goodie goodie. JOSH: Am I early?

  • TOM: Early? Youre right on time my man. Jess: This party is raging!! Off the hook!

  • Tom: Hey Jess, were being so rudeJess: YeahTom: Josh, would you like something to eat?

  • Jess: We're all out of rice cakes

  • Tom: So rude. Josh: It’s a work call, sorry guys

  • Tom: Uh, uh, uhh. Hand it over Mister Horowitz.

  • This is a party

  • no work allowed you naughty little sausage.

  • Josh: what are you

  • Josh: What the hell was that? That was a new phone!

  • Jess: Josh

  • that phone had to die so our friendship can live.

  • Josh: Okayokayokay

  • Tom: Is it just me or is it time to get the party started?

  • Jess: yes! Tom: You know, lets Partyyy!!

  • Hit it Freddy!

  • Josh: What is happening? Tom: He’s the hottest DJ in Slovenia

  • Jess: Wooo! Feel this beat!

  • Tom : I’m a cowboy! I’m a cowboy!

  • Jess: On a steel horse you ride! Tom: Come on sista!

  • Josh: That’s not right. Jess: Josh come here! Your turn!

  • Tom: NO! He doesn’t like it! Freddy go!

  • Jess: No, no, no! Tom: We don’t need it anymore Freddy, he doesn’t like it! Why doesn’t he like It?

  • Josh: It’s not my thing. Tom : I just wanted it to be a good party!

  • Jess: Josh, I think your negative energy is really upsetting Tom.

  • Jess: He’s gentle. He’s a sensitive soul that guy. Why don’t you throw yourself into this?

  • Josh : OkayLet's play a game. How about a party game?

  • Jess: Tom! A party game! Tom: I love party games. Two truths and a lie?

  • Jess: YES! OH MY GOD! I love that game. I love it so much! I love it!!

  • Tom: Okay so here we go, okay so I killed a homeless man,

  • and I like eating kittens for breakfast

  • and I have green eyes.

  • Jess: Everyone knows you don’t have green eyes. Tom: Baby blues!

  • Josh: Um, okay, don’t take this the wrong way but, I think I’m gunna leave

  • because you guys have been acting really oddly and I’ve been feeling really uncomfortable

  • and you guys honestly are super weird. Thank you for the invite but I’m gonna leave.

  • Tom: Look I’m just not good at making friends okay?!

  • Jess: What did I say about him being sensitive, you heartless bastard?!

  • Tom: I know I’m weird…I just, I’ve never been to a party

  • you know I had to throw a party to go to one. How sad is that?

  • At the end of Avengers when everyone was living it up and partying,

  • Mark Ruffalo locked me in a porta-potty

  • it was really stinky.

  • Tom: And I know I seem like a clown but,

  • I’m just, simple old Tommy H.

  • I just want to go to a partythat’s all I want.

  • Josh: Tom I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it

  • I’m awkward, were all awkward. Let’s just have a good time.

  • Tom: Yeah? You really mean that?

  • Cause you know, that’s what Hemsworth said before he filled my Loki helmet with Jell-O.

  • Jess: Josh, if you break his heart,

  • I’m going to stick my hand down your throat, and pull your dick off from the inside.

  • Josh: Of course I mean it Tom. We can do anything you guys want, let’s have fun

  • Tom: Okay, let’s dance! Jess: Everybody pair up!

  • Josh: Who am I supposed to dance with?

  • Jess: He’s having a really good time. Tom: He’s having a great time. Jess: Were throwing a good party!

  • Josh: Hey guys thanks for watching this edition of after hours, remember to subscribe, like and comment below.

  • Tom: And well see you on the next one.

Tom :My dear friend Josh,

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Tom Hiddleston & Jessica Chastain Throw the Worst Party Ever | MTV After Hours with Josh Horowitz

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