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  • Welcome in week 2 of our MOOC.

  • I hope you've enjoyed our format. I also hope you've done some of the self-evaluation tests

  • that we made available and checked out the further readings section in the online portal.

  • Since we only discuss most theories very briefly, this is a good chance to explore them further.

  • Also, visit the forum. I'll often help out by posting answers to recurring questions here.

  • And let us know what you think of our MOOC.

  • All feedback is welcome.

  • This week were going to talk about the history of communication science

  • and I’d like to stress that last part.

  • Because were going to talk about when people started talking

  • and especially writing about communication.

  • So even though we could talk for hours about the presumed communication methods of

  • prehistoric man and ancient civilizations after that,

  • about the earliest forms of communication, theories on the development of language,

  • the introduction of mediated communication,

  • through symbolism in rock art and figurines and such,

  • we are not going to do so.

  • We are not going to discuss the oldest musical instruments or the first writing weve found,

  • nor the power of communication through architecture and useable items like coins.

  • Why?

  • Because we have no record that these civilizations thought

  • about communication on a meta level

  • and constructed theories about it’s existence or use.

  • Instead were going to start our journey here in Ancient Greece.

  • Because the writings of the Ancient Greeks and after that the Romans

  • are the oldest books about our topic to survive.

  • After covering the earliest Communication Science of the Greeks and Romans

  • well talk about Medieval times.

  • A time when there was little to no Communication Science.

  • Then we'll discuss the printing revolution and the Renaissance of our field.

  • Well end this week's MOOC with the nineteenth century,

  • industrialization, political change and the changing communication landscape.

  • Next week well continue with twentieth century communication theory.

Welcome in week 2 of our MOOC.

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2.1 A short history of Communication Science

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