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  • Those that tipped Professional Baduk Player and fellow human Lee Se-dol for victory over

  • AlphaGO earlier this week... may have underestimated Google's computer program.

  • Kim Ji-yeon explains why AlphaGO's victories are no fluke.

  • It seems as if Google's computer program AlphaGO has the capability to learn just like a human.

  • That's because it's based on an artificial intelligence program called "deep learning"...

  • an information processing technology that imitates human nerve cells... But unlike humans,

  • the program never ceases its continuous learning of Baduk, or Go... not even for a second.

  • AlphaGO is an improved version of previous computer programs, which was only capable

  • of preprogrammed moves. AlphaGO is supposed to imitate how humans

  • learn...but it may actually surpass human intelligence in terms of higher learning capacity.

  • AlphaGO practices Baduk some 3-thousand times a day, a million times in a month.

  • That would take a professional Baduk player three games a day for a thousand years...

  • to accomplish the same feat. In fact, it continues to learn even while

  • AlphaGO is playing against Professional Baduk Player Lee Se-dol.

  • "The improved version of AI is on par with human intelligence, while earlier versions

  • were limited to certain features. In that sense, AlphaGO is an improved AI version that's

  • specializes in playing Baduk."

  • AlphaGO has been programmed to learn 160-thousand Baduk game sets and learned to play a million

  • Baduk game sets in a month on its own. Google's DeepMind, which developed AlphaGO,

  • says the ultimate goal for the program is to solve real world problems in the near future...

  • building on the learning process gained from playing Baduk.

  • Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

Those that tipped Professional Baduk Player and fellow human Lee Se-dol for victory over

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How Google's AlphaGO beat a professional Baduk player

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