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  • So, you want to be fluent in English!

  • You've already taken English classes in school, and probably have taken many more English

  • courses in your city. But for some reason, your English doesn't get any better.

  • You're frustrated that you still read, write, and speak slowly. And when you meet with a

  • foreigner, you're not confident enough to talk to her.

  • This is because you have learned english by focusing on grammar and you don't "think in

  • English"! To be fluent in English, you need to learn

  • to "Speak"!, not just learning how to read and write.

  • The fastest way to think in English, is to practice speaking as much as possible everyday.

  • And to have English always be all around you. The more you practice speaking, the faster

  • your mind will "think" in English.

  • But how can you practice everyday!? And with who!? You don't live in an English speaking

  • country, like America, or Canada. So, It's difficult for you to find someone to practice

  • with. And even if you practice with your friends,

  • you're worried that they will laugh at you when you make a mistake.

  • Now, here's the good news! You can practice speaking everyday using PandaSpeak!

  • Pandaspeak is an online place where English learners, like you, can improve their english

  • by practicing speaking English everyday with Native speakers from America and Canada

  • And this is all using Live Video, so you can see the other person, just like you are there

  • with them. All you need is a Webcam, and a microphone. There is no software to download

  • or to install, It's very easy!

  • By Joining PandaSpeak, you can improve your English by practicing speaking everyday in

  • our video chatroom with our native speakers.

  • So, what are you waiting for? Join now, and improve your English in 7 months!

So, you want to be fluent in English!

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How to be fluent in English in a short time.

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    puppy   posted on 2016/03/08
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