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  • Hey guys!

  • How's it going?

  • My name is Micaela, and today I'm standing outside of Kumamoto Castle, in Kumamoto Prefecture!

  • The sun has gone down and I'm freezing cold and in just a few moments once it gets darker,

  • Kumamoto Castle is going to light up and I'm going to go on a night tour of the castle.

  • And I've been to this castle before, I used to live in Kumamoto City, but I've never seen it at night,

  • and I don't think many Japanese people have either, so I'm gonna take this

  • special opportunity to tour the castle at night, and show it all to you~!

  • Our tour starts at Ninomaru Park, a large open space on the perimetre of Kumamoto Castle.

  • Going through the gates and being transported back in time!

  • I wonder if we'll find any samurai?

  • What is happening? What's happening!?

  • Hello! Oh!

  • I was greeted at the gate of the castle by Kumamoto Castle's Omotenashi Busho-tai,

  • a band of historical figures.

  • Oooh!

  • Am I doing it right?

  • Oh, it opened!

  • It opened!

  • This is exciting!

  • After a brief opening ceremony, they kindly lead me to the castle,

  • giving me a brief history lesson along the way.

  • Then I said goodbye to the Busho-tai, and headed to the main castle,

  • taking an underground passage, called "Kuragari Tsuro", the passage of darkness.

  • We are leaving the passage of darnkess!

  • And it is even darker outside, oh my goodness!

  • But right behind me, check this out, this is beautiful!

  • Kumamoto Castle, in all it's lit-up glory.

  • If you do drop by Kumamoto Castle, you absolutely must see the reconstructed Honmaru Goten,

  • a palace reception hall.

  • So now we are inside "Honmaru Goten".

  • Honmaru Goten was built in the 1600s, and then later burned down in the late 1800s.

  • When Kumamoto Castle underwent a massive 10 year restoration project, this building was

  • fully restored, inside the restored palace you can see remnants of ancient Japan,

  • and learn a little bit about the history and politics behind castle life.

  • This place is really beautiful, I wish I was important enough to live in a castle.

  • This room is beautiful and there is a ton of attention to detail in each of the photos,

  • but what I like most is the roof!

  • And while you're visiting the palace, there's one thing here you absolutely must try!

  • I'm at Honmaru Gozen, and I'm waiting for some traditional Kumamoto cooking, "kyodo ryouri".

  • You need to make a reservation beforehand but for 3,000 yen,

  • you can enjoy a historical meal at the palace.

  • "The Honmaru Gozen is a meal that we've re-created from recipies dating back to the Edo period,

  • roughly 200 years ago.

  • We serve those dishes along with modern local cuisine, and use ingredients that are in season

  • at the time."

  • It's really fascinating cause each dish is so different, not only in the way that they look,

  • but in the ingredients that they use, and every dish has it's own unique flavor.

  • I've eaten so much food, I need to have a nap.

  • BUT I CAN'T! I can't.

  • The tour must go on!

  • On to our next destination!

  • Finally we're going to climb this big boy, and see the entire city from the top.

  • Should be great!

  • This castle is huge! And it doesn't have an elevator, so, hiking time!

  • I'm getting kinda chubby lately so I guess it's good that I take the stairs...

  • Entering from the basement, the castle's main tower is 6 stories high.

  • "Do you climb this every day?"

  • "Yep, whenever I give a tour, I do!"

  • "Wow!!"

  • "I can't keep up with him!"

  • The climb to the top of the main castle can sound a bit daunting at first, but trust me,

  • it's worth the extra legwork to make it to the top!

  • Can you imagine living in a place where this was your nightly view?

  • It's so beautiful and relaxing!

  • And, we're going back down the stairs!

  • So there you have it Kumamoto Castle at night.

  • It's very like, "monochromatic", if that's even a word.

  • Especially if you're into Japanese history, Japanese architecture,

  • you would love places like this!

  • Check it out! Kumamoto Castle, here in Kumamoto Prefecture.

  • It's gorgeousssssss.

Hey guys!

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Kumamoto Castle At Night! 熊本城!夜のライトアップツアー!★

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