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  • Zootopia

  • A gleaming city

  • where animals of all breeds

  • predator and prey alike,

  • live together in peace and harmony.

  • Hi, I am Judy, your new neighbor!

  • Yeah?

  • Well, we are loud, don't expect us to apologize for it

  • ZPD's first rabbit officer, Judy Hopps.

  • Ready to make the world a better place?

  • Humph...

  • Bad news. In this city gripped by fear.

  • What can you tell us about the animals that went savage

  • Are we safe?

  • This is priority one

  • Hopps, parking duty.

  • Hahahaha!

  • Sir, I am not just some token bunny

  • You strike out, you resign.

  • Deal.

  • Urgh!

  • Hello!

  • I am here to ask you some questions about a case

  • And they should've gotten a real cop to solve it

  • You are under arrest.

  • For what? Hurting your feelings?

  • You are a key witness

  • No, he is.

  • Hey!

  • I need you to run a plate

  • Alright, I know, I got it.

  • You need something done, he is on it.

  • They are all sloths?

  • We are in a really big hurry.

  • I am on

  • it?

  • break.

  • Urgh!

  • I have thirty six hours left

  • we can only solve it together

  • It's not about how badly you want something.

  • It's about what you are capable of!

  • I am a real cop.

  • Never let them see that they get to you

  • You bunnies, so emotional.

  • No, no, no! Do not let go.

  • I am gonna let go

  • What?

  • We may be evil

  • but deep down, we are still animal.

  • Howl

  • Quit it, you are going to start a howl!

  • HOWL

  • Nooo you are naked!

  • For sure, we are natural-ass club

  • All the way down

  • Life's a little bit messy

  • We all make mistakes

  • Ha. Ha.

  • No matter what type of animal you are

  • Change starts with you

  • We gotta go

  • The most feared crime boss is Mr. Big

  • Is that Mr. Big?

  • Stop talking! Stop talking!

  • Ice them.

  • Daddy! What did we say?

  • No icing anyone at my wedding!

  • I have to, good baby.

  • Daddy has to.


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ZOOTOPIA - Official Trailer #3 (2016) Disney Animated Movie HD

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