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  • Theirs Chloe

  • who's like my oldest friend

  • we have kinda grew other the last year

  • I guess I kinda had my own stuff going on

  • like wondering why my best friend was growing apart from me

  • like wounding why I was having a secret mental break down

  • but what ever

  • its complicated I guess

  • there's no topping on this

  • you've opened the box upside down you div

  • then there's Izzy, she's so cute i've only known her for 2 hours but i cant imagine her having a negative thought about anything.

  • you two are so like a married couple sometimes

  • oh gross it would be like marrying my sister

  • yeahhh, so gross

  • there's 3 boys

  • chop, rating slice

  • he doesn't even go to school

  • chloe says he works down in a garage fixing cas or sommet

  • I don't care you say Jennifer Aniston is fitter then pammy

  • there's only one women who is fitter then em both

  • bollocks who

  • your mum

  • (all) hahahahahahahaha

  • finns abit of a grumpy sod

  • he's such a epic slice but he massively knows it

  • and finally archie


  • jabbers got a jam stain

  • i think im going to be sick, i generally think im going to be sick

  • jabbers got a jam that must be one or the dirtiest things i've ever seen you absolute scrubber

  • SCRUBBER!!!!

  • scrubber, scrubber, scrubber

  • scrubber

  • what the fuck think you doing you

  • its all right taking the piss out of a girl isn't then why doing you take the piss out of me ey

  • you apologise to her now or i will fucking curl you up all right

  • right i'm sorry, i'm sorry


  • (both) sorry

  • you all right


  • FUCK!

  • (laughing) shhhhhhhhhhhh

  • does it feel good?

  • its all right yeah

  • this is heaven

  • i'm actually in heaven

  • he's using he's thumb to tap

  • OH MY GOD!! he's a sex wizard

  • (mum) Rae?!

  • (Rae) huh

  • I don't know what I am more upset about giving your boy back or

  • haha

  • that's a lie

  • I do know

  • Rae I cant be friends with you right now

  • I just can't

  • ah look

  • its my decision

  • and in answer to your question

  • I know you've been asking

  • yes

  • we had been on a massively regularly basis

  • do you the best thing about having my own flat is?

  • (Rae) aha

  • (Finn) aha

  • there was something about being with him

  • are bodies just went together

  • like sexually explicit Lego

Theirs Chloe

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