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  • Hello FoodTubers, I am Jean from Paris and I'm going to show you today a salad in Jamie's garden.

  • I'm going to see what I found

  • I'm going to do a home-made mayonnaise with Rhubarb, to do with it.

  • So let's go! So this is amazing, you know to be in this huge garden.

  • I have in Paris my own small garden but it's not like these.

  • So first I'm going to take some zucchini because they are wonderful.

  • I want to do salad with the flower of zucchini

  • and also the zucchini themselves.

  • Artichoke. I like this.

  • In Brittany where I'm from in France this is a perfect season for artichoke.

  • I'm going to take one beetroot, a small one.

  • This one is a red one, I will take one yellow one, like this yeah.

  • Hey, that's nice. You see this is a top of a carrot,

  • but it's very nice if you fry it, it tastes like carrot.

  • It's amazing, we're going to put on the top of the salad.

  • And I will take one big piece of rhubarb to do the mayonnaise.

  • One piece, I'm going to make mayonnaise with the juice.

  • so first I'm going to do the

  • homemade mayonnaise with rhubarb, slice it in small pieces

  • put it in a pestle and mortar with little bit of water

  • do this to extract the juice of the rhubarb

  • I put a little bit lemon in the rhubarb juice so it's not going black

  • now I put this juice on a side

  • and I'm going to homemade mayonnaise so one bowl

  • one yellow egg, mustard, little bit salt

  • we have to use like cooking oil,

  • not an olive oil, for mayonnaise it's better

  • and I'm going to put some oil

  • very slow inside yellow

  • We have to put the oil slowly because if you don't put slowly it's not going up

  • mayonnaise is not strong - it's not good

  • mayonnaise is OK. Can feel it, okay no problem!

  • it's okay after I'm put the juice of rhubarb inside the mayonnaise

  • okay now my sauce is ready and I'm going to do

  • the zucchini and the beetroot to go

  • with the mayonnaise I just picked fresh so it's important to wash it

  • I'm going to put the pan on, I'm going to cut the zucchini

  • in big pieces like this put some

  • olive oil on the pan, put the zucchini inside

  • I put salt and pepper I wait like 1 minute

  • like this I want its soft but hard, medium

  • it's not almost cooked I want medium cooked

  • and I'm going to put a little bit vinegar

  • after I put the flower just like that and that's it.

  • We put it out, we just let

  • the zucchini continue cooking themselves outside

  • more oil and I wait until the pan is very hot because we're going to fry

  • you know the herbs above the carrot, okay when the pan is very hot

  • we are going to fry like this, it's just

  • few seconds, you put some salt quickly

  • and we leave, I'm going to take just

  • one part of beetroot like this, cut it

  • like this, very thin piece

  • of beetroot, little bit of olive oil

  • We salt and I'm going to take some rosemary over there

  • cut it slow, very thin, yeah it's just to season nice

  • the beetroot and now we are ready to support all together in the back I'm

  • going to put the mayonnaise rhubarb, then I'm going to put the zucchini nice

  • going to put the mayonnaise rhubarb, then I'm going to put the zucchini nice

  • then we're going to put some flower zucchini on the bottom

  • like this, put some beetroot, just

  • it's like this and to finish I put the crispy carrots you know

  • just to make it different texture

  • so this is my homemade mayonnaise with rhubarb

  • and delicious vegetables from Jamie's garden

  • so make sure you subscribe and you have alot of video more from me

  • and better english of course. hi guys Jamie here

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  • it's an amazing summer fruit punch, it's really refreshing

  • full of flavour and really simple. Give it a go!

Hello FoodTubers, I am Jean from Paris and I'm going to show you today a salad in Jamie's garden.

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Summer Garden Salad & Homemade Mayonnaise | Jean Imbert

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