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  • Erik: How has learning to playtanque given you a new way to learn from others?

  • Matt: Boy, it has been incredible. You know, somebody gave me a cheaptanque set and

  • tanque is like French bocce. It's a little bit more tactical. The French pop the ball

  • into the air and drop it in the right spot rather than bowling the ball, and they usually

  • play on crushed granite. So it's all about how you place the ball and when you place

  • the ball, and the kinds of tactics that you have, and, of course, also the people that

  • you play with. Sometimes I play with folks who are negative, you know, and the things

  • that are coming out of their mouth and, especially, if they're a teammate of mine, it's gonna

  • affect the way I play. And sometimes I play with people who have an enthusiastic positive

  • attitude, and I tend to do really well with my enthusiastically positive teammate. I play

  • with a lot of French folks, it's a French game, and they are an incredible bunch of

  • people, sometimes playfully arrogant but just wonderful, wonderful folks. And it's -- for

  • these people, it's -- it's like golf, but because of the team aspect of it and the tactics

  • that you use, and the overall strategy that you use to win points, I think it's far more

  • challenging and you get more out of it. I actually get more out of it than I do golf.

Erik: How has learning to playtanque given you a new way to learn from others?

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How Playing Petanque Connects a Diverse Community - Matt Curtis

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    黃鈺茱 posted on 2015/12/22
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