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  • Merry Christmas, everybody!

  • I hope you all have been very good boys and girls this year.

  • Because if you haven't, no gifts for you!

  • Hey, Shaun. Merry Christmas!

  • Why are you dressing like that?

  • Shh...I'm not Shaun. I'm Santa Claus today.

  • Do you know who Santa Claus is?

  • Of course I know. Santa Clause will give me gifts on every Christmas Eve,

  • that means, tonight.

  • Good girl. But, you know not every person can get a gift, right.

  • Yeah, so you are playing the role of Santa Claus to deliver the gift for kids.

  • Actually, anybody can be the Santa Claus as long as they're willing to share.

  • That's what Christmas is all about.

  • Wow, Shaun, I mean, Santa.

  • You're so different today.

  • I'm kind of miss your bad jokes.

  • Hey, have you been a good girl this year?

  • Yeah, I think so.

  • Well, very good then! I think you can get your gift first.

  • Woo, cool! What is it?

  • It's a picture of your favorite person!

  • I can't wait to see it.

  • It must be... WHAT? SHAUN?

  • Well, you just said you missed my bad jokes.

  • Hello, is Shaun there?

  • Yeah, I'm Shaun. What's going on, Fiona?

  • Do you think Santa Claus will give me a gift this year?

  • There are so many kids around the world.

  • Will Santa forget me?

  • Don't worry, Fiona.

  • I know you have been a good girl this year.

  • Santa will never let you down.

  • But, no one sees Santa before, right?

  • Is there a Santa Claus?

  • Yes, Fiona, yes. There is a Santa Claus. He exists everywhere.

  • Nobody sees Santa,

  • but that's no sign that there is no Santa

  • So, are the reindeer and the magic sleigh real, too?

  • That's right.

  • You just need to prepare your Christmas stocking and decorate a Christmas tree in your house.

  • Well, my family and I are going to put up our Christmas tree later.

  • Oh, I love decorating the tree.

  • You can put the star on the top of your tree.

  • But don't forget to put it on last.

  • Really? Why?

  • It's a Christmas tradition in many families.

  • Each year, someone different in the family gets to put it on the top of the tree.

  • Cool, I didn't know that.

  • Maybe I can be the first one this year!

  • Then, what will you do after putting up the tree?

  • I have to write some cards for my friends and family.

  • Hey, I'm your friend, too, right?

  • Do I have a Christmas card?

  • No, Shaun. You're not my friend.

  • You're my BEST friend.

  • Sure you have a Christmas card from me.

  • It's been nice talking to you.

  • I have a lot to do to get ready for Christmas.

  • Well, it's nice to talk to you, too, Fiona, and thank you for the card.

  • Merry Christmas to you, Santa, I mean, Shaun.

  • And a Merry Christmas to you, too! See you.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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