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  • The Ugly Duckling

  • It was a warm, sunny autumn day, and a Mother Duck sat warming her new eggs.

  • Suddenly, she noticed that one of the eggs had rolled away from the others.

  • Oh my, don't be in such a rush to hatch! You are not ready yet.

  • Mother Duck was so intent on caring for her eggs that she hadn't eaten or slept in days.

  • She couldn't wait to see her new ducklings.

  • Then one day, she saw one of the eggs begin to crack,

  • and soon a charming little duckling waddled out of the broken shell.

  • The other eggs followed, and soon, almost all the eggs had hatched.

  • Quack-quack!!

  • ..all except one. There was still one egg left that showed no signs of hatching.

  • Mother Duck was very concerned.

  • Perhaps it's taking so long because this one will be the prettiest duckling of all!

  • The though comforted her, and she concentrated on keeping it warm and waiting patiently.

  • A few days passed, and the egg began to crack.

  • The shell split, and her final duckling emerged.

  • Mother Duck was shocked when she saw him. He was not like the other ducklings at all.

  • He was large, and ugly, and covered in dark grey fluff. Mother Duck tried to stay calm.

  • It will be alright. He will become more beautiful when he grows up.

  • Days went by, but still the youngest duckling remained odd and not at all pretty.

  • All the other ducks, including his brothers and sisters, laughed at him and called him the ugly duckling.

  • Why don't you ever let me play with you?

  • Go away, we don't need an ugly brother like you.

  • That s right. How could our mother have had such a hideous baby like you?

  • Mother Duck looked upon her ducklings with sadness in her heart.

  • Even she had trouble believing that the youngest one was her own.

  • Rejected and abandoned by his family, the ugly duckling was left to fend for himself.

  • He wandered the forest all alone, looking for food and a warm place to sleep.

  • Soon winter came, and it grew cold and snowy.

  • The ugly duckling couldn't find any food and shivered in the icy wind.

  • I am so hungry.

  • My brothers must be warm and cosy, having delicious food with Mother.

  • Overcome with hunger and exhaustion, he collapsed.

  • An old lady passed him lying there and took pity on him.

  • Oh, why is that poor duckling lying there in the cold?

  • I will take him home and are for him

  • The old lady brought him to her farm and put him in with her chickens.

  • When the ugly duckling woke up, the chickens surrounded him and began to jeer and taunt him.

  • What kind of bird is that?

  • I don t know, it s so ugly! What is it doing in our coop?

  • We don t have to live with this nasty thing, let s throw him out!

  • The chickens gathered around the ugly duckling and began to peck at him with their sharp beaks.

  • Ouch! Ow! That hurts! Wait, stop that! I just want to be your friend!

  • Friend? Oh, you must be joking! Who would want to be friends with a sad, ugly thing like you?

  • Desperate to escape the chickens abuse, the ugly duckling ran off to the forest.

  • He was alone again.

  • Those chickens were right. I am too ugly to have friends. I will always be alone.

  • The ugly duckling decided to get used to being lonely.

  • Winter passed, and the warmth of spring slowly began to creep into the air.

  • Drinking in the warm sunshine, the ugly duckling stretched his wings.

  • I am so glad spring has returned, I am so weary of being cold!

  • The duckling stretched towards the sun and spread his wings.

  • Suddenly, something amazing happened.

  • His wings began to flap and he could feel himself rising into the air.

  • What? what's happening to me? Am I flying? I m flying! I m flying!

  • Excited, he rose higher and higher into the sky.

  • He flew around for a while, getting used to the feeling, when he saw a pond below him.

  • Wait, this is the pond where I grew up!

  • The ugly duckling landed softly on the surface of the pond,

  • remembering his childhood and his family.

  • As he landed, the swans floating on the water turned to look at him

  • and he could hear them muttering among themselves.

  • Hey, who's that handsome swan over there?

  • Oh, look at his glossy feathers!

  • The ugly duckling was confused, and didn't understand what they were talking about.

  • He saw the swans swimming toward him.

  • Do you want to be our friend?

  • Friend?

  • Yes. We've never seen a swan as beautiful as you before. Come play with us.

  • Swan? I am no swan.

  • At that moment, he looked down and glimpsed his reflection in the still surface of the pond.

  • and there he was a gorgeous white swan!

  • Oh, it s true! I'm, I'm a swan!

  • For the first time in his life, he felt elegant and beautiful as he drifted around the pond.

  • He was never lonely again. The awkward, ugly duckling had grown into a magnificent swan,

  • And all those who had taunted him were green with envy.

The Ugly Duckling

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