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  • [What will school look like in the future?]

  • [We asked some experts.]

  • Speaker 1: At my future school, when they go on field trips there are portals, so they could travel to Africa or Asia, or go into space.

  • Speaker 2: This is my school of the future.

  • When you walk inside there's TVs on the ceiling, the floor, and all sides of the wall.

  • If they say like, I want to learn about Earth, a big picture of Earth would pop up, and then it would talk about what Earth is made of.

  • Speaker 3: About the future, there's flying school buses.

  • Speaker 4: Instead of walking home, a jet fire pack comes out, and you could fly home.

  • Speaker 5: You go on a space rocket to get to school.

  • A space rocket school bus.

  • Speaker 2: And so, what you do is like, I want to learn about the Eiffel Tower, and then a picture of the Eiffel Tower would appear on every single wall and then it would appear in 3D.

  • Speaker 6: Without leaving my house, I might as well just have a, the same as me, but it's just a hologram acting like me.

  • I'm still doing what I just want to do, and then I just send in the hologram, and the hologram does the work.

  • Speaker 7: The floating school of mythology, so they go around the world in the boat, and talk to people in places like Egypt, Asia, and Greece.

  • And like solve the mysteries, do stuffs like that.

  • Speaker 8: School would be on a flying saucer.

  • From the school you could see the Earth, the Moon, and sometimes you would visit the stars and the Milky Way.

  • Speaker 9: My school of the future would have a machine, if you forgot your lunch you would have to press buttons and then it would fly out of the machine, and you could have whatever you wanted.

  • It could be really useful in the future.

  • [The experts agree. There's no limit to what school can be.]

  • Speaker 6: How it's going to happen in the future because probably somebody is going to be really, really smart.

  • And that's like, knows how to make something like that, and then they'll make it and everything will be better than that.

[What will school look like in the future?]

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The School of the Future: There's No Limit to What School Can Be

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