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  • I must go back to Asgard but I give you my word...

  • I will return for you

  • deal?

  • Whoaa..

  • Deal.

  • Whoa.

  • Thor, we must go.

  • yeah, yeah.. I know.

  • I just umm...

  • I think I may not want to leave now.

  • What?!

  • Well I've got my hammer back, I've got a hot girlfriend..

  • Things are really looking fairly well for me

  • But the..

  • What about the..

  • Oh yeah I'm gonna stay.

  • Good luck to you old friends!

  • So you just abandoned everything?

  • Of course, wouldn't you?

  • No.

  • yes..

  • Dude.

  • What can I say? Chicks are my kryptonite.

  • Yeah I probably leave it all behind too.

  • yep

  • But still...

  • What about your brother? I mean won't he destroy that ice realm?

  • Mehh.. if he does I'm sure my father will take care of it when he wakes.

  • Blehhohhdensleep.

  • I've done it, father!

  • I destroyed all of Yodenheim while you were sleeping.

  • And that is why you are also banished!

  • What?

  • I take from you, your power!

  • And I cast you out!

  • Ice giant!

  • Your dad is sort of extreme.

  • Well I suppose he's a little strict but everything he does,

  • he dose for a reason.

  • Like stealing a baby?

  • And then raising that baby as your brother..

  • And making him believe he could be king.

  • So that he goes crazy with jealousy and becomes your lifelong enemy.

  • Yeah.

  • Way to go, dad!

  • Yes well, that may be true.

  • But at least I have a father.

  • AhhOOHHH, burn!!!

  • So we're just gonna do this every time a super hero comes along?

  • Probably.

  • Feels like we always do.

  • Not always!!

  • Hulk saddddd!!

  • (crying)

  • Ah, he'll be fine.

  • He just gets really moody.

  • I've been carrying this hammer all day and my arms are so Thor!

  • Hahahahahah!

I must go back to Asgard but I give you my word...

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How Thor Should Have Ended

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